Mad Hat Mk. II

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Mad Hat Mk. II

The Mad Hat Mk. II is a new version of the Mad Hat Mk. I that appears in the second episode of the S.S. Caviar in Wario: Master of Disguise. It has guarded Cannoli's Family for generations and has a large purple hat with eyes on top and has arms with mace on them. It is a boss that Wario must fight.

Mad Hat Mk. II has three attacks. One of them is when Wario draws near, the machine will use its arms to punch Wario repeatedly. This can be dodged by ducking. Another attack that it has is when Wario is far away from the machine, it will charge up, then charge punch at Wario. This can also be dodged by ducking. The last attack only occurs after Cannoli is hit. Cannoli will drop three bombs on Wario. Cosmic Wario can defeat the bombs by firing lasers at them. If Wario comes in contact with one, similar to the previous battle, it will explode and deal damage to Wario.

Cosmic Wario has to fire lasers at the eyes of the hat. Then, a switch will appear on top of his head. Arty Wario must draw a block on top of the switch. The block will fall down and land on the switch, making the hat go flying in the air and come down slowly. Thief Wario must then tackle Count Cannoli who had been hiding in the hat. Repeating this two more times will defeat the boss.

Later in the game, a yet newer version, Mad Hat Mk. III, also appears as a boss.

In-game Description[edit]

A fierce deity that has guarded Cannoli's family for generations. Whenever Cannoli's desire for treasure hits the boiling point, this robot is sure to appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいとうアルデンテロボ
Kaitō Arudente Robo
Phantom Thief Aldente Robot

French Mécachapo II
Pun on Mécanique et Chapeau (Mechanic and Hat)
Italian Cappellenger II
Hat-challenger II
Spanish Malas pulgas II
From the Spanish phrase "tener/haber malas pulgas" (to be fishy/mean-spirited/bad-tempered)