Head Honcho Carpaccio

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Not to be confused with Head Honcho.
Head Honcho Carpaccio (Carpaccio's super form) from Wario: Master of Disguise.
Carpaccio in his super-powered form

Head Honcho Carpaccio is a transformation of Carpaccio that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise, and is fought as the boss of Episode 4, "A Third Thief Brings Grief!" Carpaccio used the wealth of Sigil Securities to develop technology that allowed him to transform himself.

When Wario encounters Carpaccio and his quartet of Sir Lance-A-Lots in Sneezemore Cave, Carpaccio takes off his glasses as the robots turn into red, glowing octahedron-shaped gems that surround him in a column of light. Carpaccio transforms into a large Snow Globe-like form and winks at the screen, then looks back to Wario as his eyes begin spinning and he inhales the rival thief.

Wario starts the boss fight in a round stage that can be turned by moving left and right; there is a plus-shaped hollow that has a face belonging to Carpaccio in the center, and a switch will appear in one of the hollow's four segments, blocked by electricity. Carpaccio attacks by generating two snowballs that spin in front of him, with one of them being semi-transparent, before they grow to Wario's size and appear on each side of the stage; Wario must transform into Genius Wario to see the "flashing" snowball, then transform into Cosmic Wario to fire a laser at the correct one before they roll into him. When the electricity blocking the switch disappears, Wario can then transform into Arty Wario to hit the switch by drawing a block above it, damaging Carpaccio.

After the first hit, four turrets open up and begin revolving around the hollow, intermittently shooting chunks of ice in sets of three. Wario must then press two switches using Arty Wario in order to damage Carpaccio a second time. Once damaged again, four switches will appear; one of the ice turrets will additionally shoot a blast of water that turns into damaging icy spikes, which can be melted with fire breath from Dragon Wario. Wario must hit all four switches with blocks to defeat Carpaccio, causing him to return to normal and flee as Wario claims the second Wishstone chunk.

In-game description

Carpaccio used the financial might of his company to develop a morphing technology that turned him into an enormous blue head. Neat, no?

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カルパッチョメタモ
Karupaccho Metamo
Carpaccio Metamo

German Carpaccio, der Kopf des Ganzen
Carpaccio, the head of it all
Italian Carpaccia
Portmanteau of "Carpaccio" and "faccia" (face)