Steal the Syrup's treasure!!

Steal the Syrup's treasure!!
Game Wario Land II
Level(s) 1
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Steal the Syrup's treasure!!, also known as Time Attack or The Really Final Chapter, is the hidden last chapter of the game Wario Land II. It gets unlocked along with the minigame Flagman D-D once the player collected all 50 hidden treasures, completed the Picture Panel and unlocked each of the five endings of the game. The instant the player meets these conditions, they will be taken to a cheerful screen with a joyful Wario who tells them that some new things have been unlocked.


Wario discovers the secret pirate cave

The final chapter takes place after Wario defeated Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang. Wario, lusting for revenge and more treasure, returns to Syrup Castle. However, he is just passing by, aiming for the mountains behind the Castle instead. He approaches a strange wall of rock when a pirate skull appears on the wall, revealing a secret door. Wario enters and the final chapter begins.

Setting and gameplayEdit

Wario playing Time Attack

The final chapter is set in Syrup's hidden treasure cave. It is a large and complicated cave built of black pearls and purple or pink walls. For some strange reason, petrified remains of regular enemies (Pirate Gooms, Pecans, Grunts and D.D.s) are sometimes embedded into the wall, accompanied by large ears, eyes, and mouths. The level is very hard to clear, compared to the other levels. It serves as a final challenge to players who cleared the game with 100%, so it has been designed to be tough to win.

In the cave, the appearance of the screen slightly changes. The player will no longer have a coin counter in the lower right corner of the screen. It will be replaced by a clock that starts at 0:00 and will slowly count upwards. The player cannot find any hidden treasure in this level. Their only objective in this stage is to finish it as quickly as possible, hence the name Time Attack.

Encountered enemiesEdit

Featured conditionsEdit

Final Boss Battle: Giant spear manEdit

Wario battles the giant spear man for the seventh and last time

The final battle is a battle against the giant spear man, who has been fought six times to this point. His strategy is still the same: He moves from right to left and from left to right, poking around with his trident. The environment is what makes this fight harder than before. The giant spear man walks on a platform on which Wario cannot walk. The player has to have Wario attack the giant spear man from above while bouncing on his head to stay airborne. If either the giant spear man or Wario falls off the platform, the battle has to be restarted. If Wario succeeds, the level is cleared and the player's time data will be saved, so they can try to break their record again and again to gain a good result.

After beating the final boss, Wario will explore the cave and find a giant treasure bag. Obviously happy about his discovery, he returns home to his castle. The giant spear man can be seen following him, but the pirate's motivation for doing so is unknown.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほんとの 最終話! タイム アタック お宝をよこどりだ!
Honto no saishū-wa! Taimu atakku otakara o yokodori da!
The Really Final Story! Time Attack: Steal the Treasure!