Lakitu Leech
A sprite of a Lakitu Leech from Mario Party: Island Tour
First appearance Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)
Effect Steals an item from an opponent

Lakitu Leech (Free Gift Lakitu in the British English version) is one of the obtainable items in the Perilous Palace Path board from Mario Party: Island Tour. Players can earn it through either from an item given out by Yellow Toad as players approach the finish line or by winning it through winning minigames and selecting the item. When used, Lakitu (through the appearance of a Fishin' Lakitu) appears and takes a randomly selected item from a chosen opponent and gives it to the user. This item is functionally similar to the Lakitu Orb in Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 7.

In-game descriptionEdit

  • Take one random item from an opponent.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いただきジュゲム
Itadaki Jugemu
Steal Lakitu

Italian Omaggio di Lakitu
Lakitu's gift