In Town
In Town prologue
Game Wario Land II
Level(s) 5
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In Town is the fourth of several chapters in Wario Land II. The Black Sugar Gang are still trying to escape Wario, who chases them because they stole his treasures. To keep trail of them, Wario has to cross a large town-themed world. The chapter features a train-level, the interiors and exteriors of skyscrapers, jumping on rooftops and a mysterious factory. A deadly game of basketball serves as the chapters boss battle.

Two secret exits are hidden in this chapter, each leading to another ending. One of these hidden exits is located in Story 4-4 while the other one can be found in Story 4-5.

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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第4章 町で
Dai 4-shō: Machi de
Chapter 4: In Town