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The following is a list of all the pre-made microgames that appear in the game WarioWare: D.I.Y. Each genre and set is organized by each character. If the British English names are different from the American English names, they are separated by a forward slash.

Microgames with an italic font last twice as long.


Mona hosts microgames from the Strange genre. 10 microgames are played before the boss. Mona's intermission stage consists of her and Joe navigating through a temple with the score shown on a frame on the ceiling. The number of lives is represented by torches. If the player wins, the faces on the walls laugh. If the player loses, they encounter a swarm of bats. When the player defeats a boss, Mona sells the treasure that she found. The player can tap the screen to "buy" the treasure. When the player runs out of lives, Mona and Joe run out of the temple.


# Image/Name Info # Image/Name Info
1 All Aflutter WWDIY.png
All Aflutter
"Can you see the gap in the circle?" 2 My New Bow WWDIY.png
My New Bow
"Keep your bow on to impress boys!"
3 Stop That! WWDIY.png
Stop That!
"Flick stuff at people. It's fun!" 4 Off-line WWDIY.png
"Free your laundry from imprisonment!"
5 Crayon Epic WWDIY.png
Crayon Epic
"Save the princess from the dragon!" 6 The Irony WWDIY.png
The Irony
"Smooth out all the wrinkles."
7 Drop & Stop WWDIY.png
Drop & Stop
"Avoid the giant drops of...water?" 8 Bug Hunt WWDIY.png
Bug Hunt
"Find the sleeping bugs in the dark."
9 Emoticube WWDIY.png
"Go to your happy face." 10 The microgame Tooth Haste
Tooth Haste
"Get every last bit out of the tube."
11 Dry Eye WWDIY.png
Dry Eye
"My eyes are so ITCHY! Help!"" 12 Gold Digger WWDIY.png
Gold Digger
"Get in there and pick a good one!"
13 Big Dripper WWDIY.png
Big Dripper
"Help the kids stay dry in the rain." 14 Stop Light WWDIY.png
Stop Light
"Round and round she goes..."
15 Joker Face WWDIY.png
Joker Face
"Pick a card. Not a joker." 16 I Saw It! WWDIY.png
I Saw It!
"Saw through a log. What's inside?"
17 Breakdown WWDIY.png
"I wonder what's behind that wall?" 18 I Can Smash! WWDIY.png
I Can Smash!
"Prepare these cans for recycling."
Boss Balloon Brigade WWDIY.png
Fly 'n' Fall
"Drop the people on the plateau."


"Mona's stage is packed with strange games!" (Game Blender description)
"Games made by Mona. I would say strange would be the theme here." (Game shelf description)
"Hi, it's Mona! I'm doing some heavy-duty treasure hunting! It's both scary and THRILLING!" (Blender selection description)


Jimmy T. hosts microgames from the Sports genre. 12 microgames are encountered before the boss. Jimmy T.'s intermission stage consists of him working out. The number of lives is represented by musical notes. Unlike other stages, the top screen does not show the title and maker during a microgame but continues to show the top half of the intermission screen. If the player loses, the stage darkens and the music gets distorted. When the player defeats the boss, Jimmy T. performs different moves with his cell phone. The player can tap the screen to take different snapshots. Unlike other stages, there is no boss jingle. When the player runs out of lives, Jimmy T. bends down in disappointment.


# Image/Name Info # Image/Name Info
1 Micro Golf
Micro Golf
"Line up your putt to make a birdie." 2 Fence!.png
"In fencing, you score 'touches.'"
3 Bump!.png
Volley Girl
"Return the serve! Don't get spiked!" 4 Goal!.png
Goal in One
"Shoot past the goalie!"
5 Bowl!.png
Spare Me!
"Hey, can you spare some pins?" 6 Swing Batter.png
Swing Batter
"Hey, batter batter batter..."
7 Fellow!.png
Sync & Swim!
"Swimming is safer with a buddy!" 8 Matchit!.png
Pumped Poser
"Flex just like the example dude."
9 Board!.png
Alpine Lines
"Snowboard between the trees." 10 Pass, Shoot!
Pass, Shoot!
"Pass to get past the defender."
11 Breath.png
Get Some Air
"Wait to inhale."" 12 Target.png
"Pick your moment and throw!"
13 Pistol.png
On Your Mark
"Don't jump the gun." 14 Trainbox!.png
Glove Hurts
"Make sure you work both sides."
15 Juggle.png
Kickin' It
"Footloose and fancy-free." 16 Hurdle!.png
Hurdling On
"Leap over anything in your path."
17 Rally.png
"Return the serve! That's all!" 18 Icebreak!.png
"Did we forget to clear the ice?"
Boss Biard!.png
"Red ball in the corner pocket."


"Sports is the name of the game in Jimmy T.'s stage!" (Game Blender description)
"Games made by Jimmy. He's really into sports games." (Game shelf description)
"Yo! Jimmy's here! I've been working as an aerobic teacher--can you tell? Are you ready to get down with FITNESS?" (Blender selection description)


Ashley hosts microgames of the Food genre. 11 microgames are encountered before the boss. Ashley's intermission stage consists of her navigating through a haunted forest with a dull color scheme. The number of lives is represented by spellbooks. If the player wins, shooting stars fly across and the screen brightens. If the player loses, Ashley's hair and the background colors turn white and she puts on a mask. When the player defeats the boss, Ashley runs a mask boutique. If the player taps the screen, Ashley takes off the mask to reveal a different mask and eventually, her face. When the player runs out of lives, jack-o-lantern ghosts appear with film equipment with the one on the top screen holding a "The End" sign.


# Image/Name Info # Image/Name Info
1 Yummy!.png
Rice Stuffed
"Help the boy eat a giant rice ball." 2 Caked!.png
Cake Defense
"Keep enemy hands outta your cake."
3 Snack!.png
Snack Sucker
"Stop him, or he'll eat ANYTHING." 4 Kechup!.png
Ketchup Down
"You know what this needs? Ketchup."
(JPN only)
...おもちは... たたいてつくるの ("...Rice cake... It's made by beating.") 5 Melon!.png
Melon Hound
"Water smellin'. Heh."
6 Fry!.png
Cracked Up
"How do those eggs hover like that?" 7 Cookbug!.png
Cooking Bug
"Cook both of the dumplings."
8 Fruit!.png
Shoot Fruit
"William who?" 9 Fruitfan!.png
Fruit Fans
"Some fans dress as fruit. Who knew?"
10 Harvest2!.png
Harvest Time
"He'd be happier with some fruit."" 11 Folor!.png
Food Colors
"Red food goes on red trays. Duh."
12 Piece Meal.png
Piece Meal
"Count the segments of orange! Whoo!" 13 Icecream!.png
Cone Catch
"Ice cream on the ground is so sad."
14 Saladaze!.png
Salad Daze
"On your way home, would you grab...?" 15 Skewer!.png
True Skewer
"Get all three! Shish ke-YUM!"
16 Ice Pop Star
Ice Pop Star
"Find the winning frozen treat!" 17 Gimme!.png
Double Order
"Live your dream! Eat two lunches!"
18 Farm Hands.png
Farm Hands
"It doesn't get any fresher. Yum!" Boss Bread Trap.png
Bread Trap
"Make sandwiches, not war."


"It's all about food in Ashley's stage!" (Game Blender description)
"Games made by Ashley. She clearly has a thing for food." (Game shelf description)
"I'm... Ashley. You're wondering… what I'm up to? Just open your eyes... It'll all become clear." (Blender selection description)


Orbulon hosts microgames of the IQ genre. 11 microgames are encountered before the boss. Orbulon's intermission stage consists of him being stuck on a rocket as it is launched. The number of lives is represented by segments of the rocket. If the player wins, additional rockets fly past Orbulon's rocket. If the player loses, the rocket malfunctions and a segment falls off. When the player defeats the boss, the game cuts back to the news report. If the player taps the screen, the reporter notices Orbulon on the rocket. The time of day darkens each time the player defeats a boss.


# Image/Name Info # Image/Name Info
1 Breaking Up.png
Breaking Up
"Break stuff until they match." 2 Rhythm Maker.png
Rhythm Maker
"Hit funky buttons to the funky beat."
3 Face Finder.png
Face Finder
"We're looking for someone..." 4 Mind the Gap.png
Mind the Gap
"Is it a dude, a peach, or a shoe?"
5 Coin Cat.png
Coin Cat
"You owe this kitty some money." 6 Houseplant.png
House Plant
"Make the ground match the house."
7 Bird Search.png
Bird Search
"One of these guys has a bird. Who?" 8 GarlicFronk.png
"Separate garlic from the Fronks."
9 Same Diff.png
Same Diff
"Find everything that's wrong." 10 Dance Dudes.png
Dance Dudes
"Dance just like everyone else!"
11 Which One.png
Which One?
"I'm thinking of an object. Which one?"" 12 Circuit Path.png
Circuit Path
"Send power to the little dude."
13 Shaped Like.png
Shaped Like
"Find two identical shapes." 14 Follow Along.png
Follow Along
"Tap the tiles in the right order."
15 Oddnumber.png
Odd Number
"Make all the numbers match." 16 Winlose.png
"I wanna rock, paper, scissors!"
17 Head Count.png
Head Count
"Look's like we've got visitors!" 18 Whuzzat.png
"Whattayou lookin' at?!"
Boss Wily Tiles.png
Wily Tiles
"Put the numbers in order!"


"The games in Orbulon's stage all run on brainpower!" (Game Blender description)
"Games made by Orbulon. They're all about testing your IQ." (Game shelf description)
"Greetings. I am known as Orbulon. I merely wished for a relaxing nap, yet I've somehow been caught in a troublesome situation." (Blender selection description)


9-Volt hosts microgames of the Nintendo genre. 12 microgames are encountered before the boss. 9-Volt's intermission stage consists of him skateboarding through a Mario level and hitting an NES cartridge-shaped ? Block to reveal a microgame, particularly World 1-1, with the score displayed on a cloud above the block. The number of lives is represented by his mugshot with a counter (unlike other stages which uses a number of icons). If the player wins, 9-Volt collects coins from the block and the sky turns yellow. If the player loses, a hole opens up, 9-Volt falls through it, and the sky turns purple. During a "Speed Up!" or if the player earns an extra life, 9-Volt eats a food item accompanied with a Super Mushroom get jingle for the former and a 1-Up Mushroom get jingle for the latter. When the player encounters the boss, the sky turns red. When the player defeats the boss, 9-Volt enters the castle at the end. If the player taps the screen, fireworks appear in the background and a "V" flag flies above the castle. When the player runs out of lives, the screen scrolls back to the main menu similar to Super Mario Bros.


# Image/Name Info # Image/Name Info
1 Paratroopa!.png
"Dodge the Koopa, Mario-style!" 2 Fly Swatter.png
Fly Swatter
"Swat these annoying buzzers!"
3 Jump!.png
"Avoid Spiny! Just like-a Mario!" 4 Star Fox.png
Star Fox
"Keep Fox on target!"
5 Pikmin!.png
"Get the pikmin to the nectar!" 5
(JPN only)
Microgame Murasame Jō
Murasame Jō
なぞのむらさめじょう! ファミコンのゲームさ! ("Nazo no Murasame Joh! The Famicom game!")
6 Shooting.png
"Let's pop some balloons!" 7 Iceclimb!.png
Ice Climbers
"Climb the ice! Snag the eggplant!"
8 Urban!.png
Urban Champ
"Pop him when his guard drops!" 9 ExcitebikeWWDIY.png
"Crush one ramp, jump the other!"
10 Grounded!.png
"Ground-pound with Yoshi!"" 11 Tightrope.png
"Tap the board and stay on the rope!"
12 GreenhouseWWDIY.png
"Exterminate the squirmy thingies!" 13 Shadow Shift.png
Shadow Shift
"Match the outlines to the monsters!"
14 Microgame B. Fight
B. Fight
"Avoid the stars or you'll go POP!" 15 MetroidWWDIY.png
"Roll Samus to the missile tank!"
16 Zeldadiy.png
"Save Link from the ChuChus!" 17 MarioPaintWWDIY.png
Mario Paint
"Pick a color and paint the shape!"
18 A screenshot of the T. Bridge mini-game.
T. Bridge
"Leap to safety! Thanks, turtles!" Boss Blooperwwdiy.png
"Use the arrows to get the coins!"


"Nintendo-themed games make up 9-Volt's stage!" (Game Blender description)
"Games made by 9-Volt. All of these are based on Nintendo franchises!" (Game shelf description)
"What's up? I'm 9-Volt. I'm finally starring in my own game! It's called Super 9-Volt! What? No! It's totally original! Pfft!" (Blender selection description)

Job Center[edit]

# Image/Name Info # Image/Name Info
1 Warioq.png
"Defeat beasts! Get loot! Yes!" 2 Wacka!.png
Hit Parade
"Whatever they are, they need hitting."
3 Side!.png
Mob Rule
"Which side has more folks?" 4 Sharky!.png
Crazy Car
"Good advice: don't get run over."
5 Faceit!.png
Puzzled Face
"Rebuild the first face you see." 6 Nasal!.png
"Blast UFOs with nose missiles."
7 Snap!.png
Snapped Shot
"Take a picture--it'll last longer!" 8 Hatch!.png
"Open the egg and see what's inside!"
9 Match!.png
Manic Memory
"Find two matching cards. Then win!" 10 Harvest!.png
Farm Fresh
"Get 'em before they go bad!"
11 Frozen Fish
Frozen Fish
"You're fishing for...something!" 12 Mug!.png
Mug Shot
"Catch whatever slides by."
13 WQ2.png
WarioQuest 2
"More beasts! More loot! More yes!" 14 Box!.png
Dead Ringer
"Wait'll you get him in the ring!"
15 Strip!.png
Wario is HOT/Burning Up
"It's getting hot out here..." 16 Secret!.png
"Think of this as a trust exercise..."

D.I.Y. 101 microgames[edit]

These are the tutorial microgames in D.I.Y. 101.

Image/Name Tutorial info Game info
"In this game, you poke a ladybug and make it run away." "Get that lazy ladybug moving!"
Balloon POP!
"In this game, you make a present fall from the sky by popping the balloon that's holding it up." "How can I get that present down...?"
Butterflies microgame.png
""In this game, you tap the two butterflies. You need to tap both to win." "Which ones are butterflies?"

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