List of comics in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase

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“Comics made at my company! Stop laughing when you can't breathe!”

This is a list of all the Wario-Man Software comics that appear in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase. Unlike the comics in WarioWare: D.I.Y., these comics are made by the Wario-Man Software employees themselves.


Comic Description Summary
Potbelly "With discipline, you can do a lot." A man lays on the floor with a teapot on his stomach, and it goes off.
Be Cool "It's just not for everyone." A living glob of pudding asks, "Who says pudding can't be cool?" He then reads a book called "How to Be Cool," and one of the pages reads, "Pudding can never be cool."
Romance! "Finding love is never easy." A giant pair of lips kisses someone, but accidentally eats them.


18-Volt's comics are themed around pop culture and video games.

Comic Description Summary
Charlie "Meet a dedicated fan." A man buys a Japanese version of his favorite game, but can't understand the Japanese text.
A Koopa Tale "A tragedy in four acts." A Koopa shell hits two people, bounces off of a pipe, hits them again, and falls into a pit.
Advice "From humble beginnings..." The Floating Head of Wisdom explains how he got his job, then says, "So keep following your dreams, all you young floating heads out there!"


Comic Description Summary
Bright Ninja "He lives among the shadows." A living lightbulb tries to be a ninja, but everyone can see him because he gives off light. He thinks that he needs quieter shoes.
Failure Man! "What's in a name?" Failure Man tries to save Earth from an asteroid, but is unsuccessful.
Unmasking "The alien could be anyone!" A spaceship captain tells his crew to take off their helmets so he can find who the alien is. He then exclaims, "It's... me!"


Comic Description Summary
Bird Babble "Just another day at the diner." Birds get excited after drinking coffee, then neglect "Caffeine Chicken" to drink more coffee.
(This comic was made by Dribble in the Japanese version and has a different plot: A family of penguins have an argument when the son asks for basketball shoes, and the father says not to ask for too much. When the children ask when their mother is coming back, they get excited when the father says she would be back by tomorrow.)
Quick Reaction (Japanese version) "Do I really get taller if I drink milk?" A man farts as he eats a potato, gets taller when he drinks milk, then gets fat when he eats cake, and finally gets thin as he eats a chili pepper.
Carrot Blues "The burdens of being nutritious." A carrot asks a potato why kids don't like him [the carrot], and lists off reasons why they should. The potato then responds, "Geez... Maybe it's because you're an egomaniac."
Wishing Well "If you had three wishes..." A bear wishes for "sparkling eyes... and long legs..." Upon seeing the very-literal outcome, he decides that he does not need a third wish.


All of Kat's comics have no dialog.

Comic Description Summary
Faster! "Hurry! HURRY!" An animal jumps across the screen, then crashes into the comic's border.
Hang On! "Who's that coming this way?" A man's bicycle is powered by a hamster running in the wheel.
Tight Space "Um, what's happening?" A cat gets squished between two blocks, then ends up in the clouds with butterflies.


Ana's comics are a continuous story. The caterpillar is implied to be the one from the Caterpillage microgame.

Comic Description Summary
Giant Bug #1 "Life as a rare giant caterpillar." A caterpillar talks about its beauty, but someone promptly throws a can at it, calling it a "Giant, nasty bug!"
Giant Bug #2 "The search for identity." The caterpillar wonders what it is, and gets confused when an animal bites it and thinks they're a hot dog.
Giant Bug #3 "A new purpose in life." The caterpillar eats a cookie and decides to "start a new life... me and my cookie..." The man from the first comic then prepares to throw a can at the caterpillar.

Shiriagari (Japanese version)[edit]

These are a continuous series of comics titled 「のうてんき~」 (Nōtenki~, "Carefree~") where random events happen between each one, featuring intentionally sloppy handwriting and art style. They are exclusive to the Japanese version and replace the comics Romance!, A Koopa Tale, Failure Man, Unmasking, Carrot Blues, Tight Space, and Giant Bug #2.

Comic Description Summary
Carefree~ #1 "I'm not sure why I am carefree... #1" A group of people are speaking unintelligibly. They then stop as one of them asks if they are their friends, as they realize they are not.
Carefree~ #2 "I'm not sure why I am carefree... #2" Someone is exploring a cave. Suddenly, they start screaming and then turn small, as their partner outside the cave expresses surprise at the change.
Carefree~ #3 "I'm not sure why I am carefree... #3" A crab is seen pinching onto someone's nose. The crab then pinches a bystander's nose. The writer then tells the reader to think about the punchline.
Carefree~ #4 "I'm not sure why I am carefree... #4" Two people are seen walking back and forth, while one of them is wondering what to do.
Carefree~ #5 "I'm not sure why I am carefree... #5" Someone is talking about their rapid hair growth, then goes to a barber to get it cut, albeit off-screen and only the aftermath is seen.
Carefree~ #6 "I'm not sure why I am carefree... #6" Someone is walking, when suddenly they yell about "leaving the gas on". They then comment that it was three days ago, and then a man tells them to go home.