Stuffy the Dolphin

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Stuffy the Dolphin
Stuffy the Dolphin Wario MoD.png
Full name Stuffy the 64th
Species Dolphin
First appearance Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)

Stuffy the Dolphin is the boss of Episode 8 in Wario: Master of Disguise. He is a dolphin who lives in Blowhole Castle and is the 64th ruler of the Dolphinian empire. He wears a purple wig and a gold crown. Despite being a dolphin, Stuffy breathes underwater like a fish and gasps for breath if he stays out of the water for too long.


Room one[edit]

Stuffy the Dolphin will start attacking by coming out of the water and shooting balls of energy at the player. He will then summon two Fluffy the Dolphins; they will shoot smaller balls of energy at Wario. Stuffy will swim around the bottom in the water three times, and then jump out. He will land onto the middle of the stage, where there is an opening. If the player is to stand on one of the two switches, the gap in the middle will close up for a short amount of time. By changing into Genius Wario, the player can hit Stuffy the Dolphin multiple times to make him suffocate. By repeatedly battering Stuffy, the player will eventually force Stuffy into the next room.

Room two[edit]

In this room, there is a single platform in the middle, with spikes to the right. Stuffy will once again use the two Fluffys to attack again. The player must once again defeat the Fluffys, causing Stuffy to lunge from the water. The player must then repeatedly attack Stuffy, forcing the Dolphin into the spikes. Once this process is repeated enough, Stuffy will travel into the third and final room of the battle.

Room three[edit]

In this final room, there is a single platform with a single switch. Stuffy will once again attack via the use of two Fluffy the Dolphins. Once they are defeated, Stuffy will lunge out of the water; Wario must hit the switch during this time, causing a gate to open. Stuffy will hit the gate. The player must repeatedly attack Stuffy three times in order to advance to the next episode.

In-game description[edit]

The 64th ruler of the glorious Dolphinian empire. It is whispered that he once was known by another name, but all who attempted to uncover it have met a bad end.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドルフィン64せい
Dorufin 64 sei
Dolphin the 64th
Spanish Venancio el Rancio Venancio the Old-Fashioned
French Tiftouf le Dauphin Tiftouf the Dolphin


  • Stuffy's position as the 64th ruler is a reference to the Nintendo 64.
  • Stuffy is one of two bosses to have three phases and more than 6 HP, the other one being Terrormisu.
  • Should Wario fall into the water and be swept back a room, Count Cannoli will be waiting for Wario. Should he accidentally come into contact with Cannoli, he will be chased out of the boss room entirely, forcing him to restart from phase 1. Wario should take advantage of Cannoli's fluttering jump to sneak under him and return to the battle.