Turn off the giant faucet!

Turn off the giant faucet!
Chapter 1, Story 2: Turn off the giant faucet!
Level code 1-2
Game Wario Land II
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Turn off the giant faucet! is the second story of chapter one in the game Wario Land II. Wario continues to put an end to all the trouble the Black Sugar Gang have caused in his home. In this chapter, his objective is to find a giant faucet that produces masses of water, thereby flooding the castle. Wario has to step on drifting furniture in order to cross the currents. This level is the first one to turn Wario into Hot Wario.

Encountered enemiesEdit

* - Only appears in Game Boy version.
** - Only appears in Game Boy Color version.

Featured conditionsEdit


The hidden treasure of this stage can be found along the way in the second flooded area. The door is located in mid-air, so Wario has to use the floating furniture as a stepping stone. After beating the minigame and obtaining the treasure, Wario will fall into the water and will be transported to a previous point.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第2話 巨大じゃ口の せんをしめよう!
Dai 2-wa: Kyodai Jaguchi no Sen o Shimeyō!
Story 2: Plug the Giant Faucet!