Rope Climb

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Clay climbing whilst avoiding the electricity.
“This is Rope Climb, a new machine for building PS Muscle.”
Minigame Instructor, Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Rope Climb is the sixth minigame from the Game Boy Advance game Mario Tennis: Power Tour. This minigame helps Clay or Ace build up PS Muscle, which can also be built up in Bicep Pump. PS Muscle later benefits their Power Shot. The player must reach a checkered platform at the top of a specified amount of rope into the skies whilst collecting the occasional flag every 10 metres or so excluding the goal and avoiding the electricity that comes down said rope. The player will be unable to climb beyond flags without collecting them. Klepto flies beside the rope at the average speed needed to clear each level. For each level, both the required distance and time limit varies. Alternating between A Button and B Button allows for faster climbing of the rope. The higher Ace or Clay climbs, the darker the background will become. Level 3 ends with a night sky, while Challenge uses a space background at the end. This is merely a moving backdrop in the training center, as confirmed by a character near the facility.


  • Left/Right - +Control Pad
  • Climb the rope - A Button/B Button

In-Game Descriptions[edit]

Level 1: Deftly avoid the electricity and climb 50 meters in 40 seconds or less.
Level 2: Deftly avoid the electricity and climb 100 meters in 50 seconds or less.
Level 3: Deftly avoid the electricity and climb 150 meters in 60 seconds or less.
Challenge: See how quickly you can climb a 200-meter rope. Try for a new record!