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Kamek Kerfuffle
World Hidden Hills
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Bigger, Beefier Boss
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Kamek Kerfuffle is the boss level of Hidden Hills in Yoshi's Crafted World. Fifty Smiley Flowers are required to play this level.


Kamek appears in his hideout, and still remembering what happened to Baby Bowser in Shadowville, Kamek decides to attempt to defeat Yoshi himself.

The first three phases of his battle take place on floors with Donut Blocks that fall if Yoshi stands on them too long, forcing him to constantly move. Those phases are battles against Kamek-themed versions of the Tin-Can Condor, Gator Train, and The Great King Bowser. The only other differences are that they are stronger than usual and Kamek exposes himself on his own terms, by a hatch on the condor, a box on the train, and the cockpit on the robot. At this point, Yoshi can throw an egg at him and Ground Pound him to move on to the next phase.

The fourth and final phase has Yoshi in the Go-Go Yoshi mech, battling a giant Kamek in cardboard armor. Kamek will fire rockets, which can be countered by punching. The rockets can damage Yoshi, so players have to time the Yoshi mech's punches just right. Any rocket that gets countered will land on Kamek's head, but he will not be affected by the assault, unless Yoshi counters every single rocket that Kamek sends his way. If Yoshi is successful at countering all the rockets, they will cause Kamek to lose his balance and start bouncing around, giving Yoshi a chance to damage him with a punch. After taking damage, Kamek will send a greater number of rockets that Yoshi must counter. If Yoshi repeats the process two more times, Kamek will be launched into the sky, ending the battle.


After defeating Kamek once, level-specific challenges are unlocked to attempt. Clearing each challenge awards one Smiley Flower.

  • Clear by 2:50.00.
  • Clear without taking any damage.
  • Clear without causing any platforms to fall.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 対決!カメック
Taiketsu! Kamekku
Showdown! Kamek

Chinese 对决!卡美克 (Simplified)
對決!卡美克 (Traditional)
Showdown! Kamek

French Face à Kamek
Facing Kamek
Italian Scontro con Kamek
Clash with Kamek
Spanish ¡Duelo con Kamek!
Duel Against Kamek!