Invade Wario Castle

Invade Wario Castle prologue
Wario Castle gets seized by the Black Sugar Gang

Invade Wario Castle is an alternative version of Wario Land II's second Chapter. It can be accessed from stage 1-1 and leads to a different ending. Since the giant alarm clock installed by the Black Sugar Gang has failed in waking the sleepy Wario up, the pirates return to his bedroom, pick him up, and throw him out of his castle. Wario awakes soon after, but is only able to witness his castle getting taken away from the outside. Furious with his trademark rage he sets off to invade his former home and steal it back.

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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第2章 のっとられたワリオ城
Dai 2-shō: Nottorareta Wario Jō
Chapter 2: Invaded Wario Castle