Hammer Throw (Mario Strikers Charged)

A Hammer Bro. uses the Hammer Throw move in Mario Strikers Charged.
A Hammer Bro uses Hammer Throw

The Hammer Throw is Hammer Bro's Skillshot in Mario Strikers Charged. Once fully charged, Hammer Bro jumps up and tosses three Hammers at the Goalie. The Goalie will be immobilized, then he shoots the ball with his second hammer. Once the shot is initiated, opponents usually cannot counter it. Though Hammer Bro is a good shooter, there is a small chance the shot will be bad and hit the goalpost instead (this happens more often if he is at the sides of the goal). The Skillshot must be done at close range, otherwise the hammers will be too far off and it will be most likely be blocked by Kritter. If the player can recover the ball using another character quickly, Kritter will still be immobilized and a rebound shot can be kicked in for a goal.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Italian Lancio del martello
Hammer throw