Course No.30

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Course No.30
WLSML3 Course No 30.png
World SS Tea Cup
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.30 is the fifth course and boss level of SS Tea Cup in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Bobo is fought at the end of the level.


Wario begins inside the ship where he first encounters a D.D. and a door with a Jet Pot inside a block suspended above it. Past the door is another D.D. guarding two breakable blocks covering up a path forward; if Wario is Bull Wario, he can ground pound them to open the way to a small area with blocks containing two hearts and another Jet Pot. Wario can continue forward past more breakable blocks to find many coins. If Wario enters the door, he will appear in a wide room with three Guragura and several more coins. Exiting the room from the other side takes Wario back to the previous room past the breakable blocks. A block holding a Dragon Pot as well as the door is found at the end of this room.

The next room is a tall room with three floors and ladders Wario must use to ascend to each one. The save point is located on the middle floor underneath a platform with a Pirate Goom. Upon reaching the top floor, another Pirate Goom walks towards Wario underneath three low-hanging columns with coins in between them. Wario can pass by it safely by jumping between the columns and over it to reach the door on the other side.

Wario fights Bobo.

After going through the door, Wario appears on the ship's main deck. In this wide-open area, blocks and coins are scattered around, many rope ladders can be found attached to the ship's sails, some of which are occupied by Paidan, and Guragura wander about the main floor and lower yards of the middle and right sails. To reach Bobo, Wario must climb the ladders to the mainsail's upper yard where a door can be found. The door leads inside the main mast, where multiple ladders take Wario up to the crow's nest where Bobo is fought. To defeat the boss, Wario must jump on its head or stun and throw the Watches it sends out at it three times. After doing so, multiple 10 Gold Coins are released, and Wario is granted access to Parsley Woods.


The key to the treasure room door is found on the right block on top of the ship's right sail, while the door itself is located nearby underneath the mainsail. The treasure is a football-shaped artifact worth 4,000 coins.