Bowser Jr. Showdown

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This article is about Bowser Jr. Showdown, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Meringue Clouds-Airship.
Bowser Jr. Showdown
NSLU Bowser Jr Showdown Screenshot.png
Level code Meringue Clouds-Airship
World Meringue Clouds
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
Boss Bowser Jr.
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Bowser Jr. Showdown, or Meringue Clouds-Airship, is the final course of Meringue Clouds in New Super Luigi U. It is unlocked by completing Ludwig's Block-Press Castle and its own completion unlocks Magma Moat.


The level begins with the player hopping up onto a cloud that begins moving when they land on it. The Mecha Hand attacks throughout the section, and Parabombs and coins on parachutes are found. A structure of Brick Blocks is found, followed by three ? Blocks, one of which contains a power-up. A structure of blocks moving up and down follows, and three of the blocks contain 1-Up Mushrooms. More Brick Blocks follow, along with a Red Ring and two Cannons firing Bob-ombs. A Cannon Pipe is then found, and launches the player onto the airship. Large cannons launching giant cannonballs are found, along with two more Cannons launching Bob-ombs and a POW Block. Another Cannon Pipe follows, leading to the area with Bowser Jr. He is battled in his Junior Clown Car, which grows boxing gloves and can crack the blocks. After the player jumps on him or throws Bob-ombs at him three times, he falls. The player character(s) celebrate, then the blocks fall, along with the character(s). Bowser Jr. commands the Mecha Hand to crush them, but they run out of the way, destroying the airship instead.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: Near the beginning, the player must use either the Parabombs or the Mecha Hand to destroy the first structure of Brick Blocks, which block the first Star Coin
  • Star Coin 2: After the first set of moving Brick Blocks, the second Star Coin is hidden in the cloud.
  • Star Coin 3: When on the airship, the player must head below the platform in the middle of the airship. Then, they must jump, accessing a hidden area containing the third Star Coin.

Luigi Sighting[edit]

  • In the area where the third Star Coin is hidden is an image of Luigi.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese けっせん! クッパJr.
Kessen! Kuppa Jr.(Junia)
Decisive Battle! Bowser Jr.

Chinese (simplified) 决战!酷霸王Jr.
Juézhàn!Kùbàwáng Jr.
Decisive Battle! Bowser Jr.

Chinese (traditional) 決戰!庫巴Jr.
Juézhàn!Kùbā Jr.
Decisive Battle! Bowser Jr.

Dutch Bowser Jr.'s laatste uur
Bowser Jr.'s Last Hour
Italian Resa dei conti con Bowser Junior
Showdown with Bowser Junior
Korean 결전! 쿠파주니어
Gyeoljeon! Kupajunieo
Decisive Battle! Bowser Jr.

Portuguese Duelo com o Bowser Jr.
Duel with Bowser Jr.
Spanish (NOA) Asalto a Bowser Jr.
Assault on Bowser Jr.
Spanish (NOE) Asalto a Bowsy
Assault on Bowser Jr.

Level map[edit]

Level map