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The Royal Tennis Academy in Mario Tennis: Power Tour

The Royal Tennis Academy is the tennis school that the player attends in Mario Tennis and Mario Tennis: Power Tour. The school competes in the Island Open tennis tournaments.

Mario Tennis[edit]

The Royal Academy in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color

The Royal Academy is a place that appears in Mario Tennis. The academy is where the player at the beginning of the game trains at. This is also where some of the best tennis players in the world graduated from. The academy has a senior and junior dome. It also has a set of courses that most people can use depending on their rank. There is also a park, a cafe, and a training center that can be accessed.

Mario Tennis: Power Tour[edit]


Junior Class[edit]

The Junior Class is coached by Mark and is home to a number of "emotionally wonky" people, as he once put it. Each player tends to have an amusing or distressing quirk about them that Mark will comment about after Clay or Ace win a ranking match.

Singles Ranked Players[edit]
Doubles Ranked Teams[edit]
  • Sophia and Meg – Rank 4
  • Mason and Chad – Rank 3
  • Sasha and Sylvia – Rank 2
  • Chris and Kyle – Rank 1

Senior Class[edit]

The Senior Class is coached by Emily and is generally more mentally stable than the Junior Class. Upon reaching the Senior Class, the player can access some of the PS machines in the Training Center to develop Power Shots.

Singles Ranked Players[edit]
Doubles Ranked Teams[edit]
  • Linda and Shawn – Rank 4
  • Gary and Jet – Rank 3
  • Kyoko and Micki – Rank 2
  • Emi and Roy – Rank 1

Varsity Class[edit]

The Varsity Class is coached by Kevin and is home to the most respected players at the Academy. At this point, more PS machines are accessible to the player. By reaching Rank 2, the player is given a position representing the Academy at the Island Open, although they can still try for Rank 1 before going to the tournament. In doubles, Emi and Roy split up after Clay and Ace arrive, as do Flit and Skipper.

Singles Ranked Players[edit]
Doubles Ranked Teams[edit]
  • Roy and Skipper – Rank 4
  • Emi and Flit – Rank 3
  • Whisker and Paula – Rank 2
  • Elroy and Tori – Rank 1

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロイヤルテニスアカデミー
Roiyaru Tenisu Akademī
Royal Tennis Academy

Italian Royal Tennis Accademy[sic]/Tennis Academy (Mario Tennis)
Accademia Reale di Tennis(Mario Power Tennis)
Royal Tennis Academy