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Screenshot of Poolopus from WarioWare: Move It!
Species Octopus
First appearance WarioWare: Move It! (2023)
Poolopus, WarioWare: Move It!

Poolopus is character that appears in WarioWare: Move It!. She is a large, pink octopus sporting a pearl necklace and a turquoise bow. Her name is a portmanteau of "pool" and "octopus".

Poolopus appears in the "Pool-Party Panic" stage at a swimming pool, while other characters are playing together with a ball. She is initially sleeping and waters pours out of her mouth, until the ball gets stuck in her mouth. The gang tries to pull the ball out of her mouth, but it slips from their grip and slams into her head. She wakes up and angrily throws everyone into the air, and they land on top of a tour bus. When they come back and ask her to throw them again, she does so.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タコマリネさん
Tako Marine-san
Ms. Marinated Octopus

Chinese (simplified) 章鱼玛琳小姐
Zhāngyú Mǎlín xiǎojiě
Miss Marlene the Octopus

Chinese (traditional) 章魚瑪琳小姐
Zhāngyú Mǎlín Xiǎojiě
Miss Marlene the Octopus

Dutch Octomarina
From "octopus" and possibly the female given name "Marina"
French (NOA) Natapieuvre
From the female given name "Natalie" and "pieuvre" (octopus)
French (NOE) Natapoulpe
From the female given name "Natalie" and "poulpe" (octopus)
German Frau Krakapult
Ms. Krakapult; from "Krake" (octopus) and "Katapult" (catapult)
Italian Polpammollo
Portmanteau of "polpo" (octopus) and "ammollo" (soaking)
Korean 문어 마리네
Mun-eo Maline
Octopus Marinate

Spanish Pulpiscina
From "pulpo" (octopus) and "piscina" (swimming pool)