Mad Hat Mk. I


The Mad Hat Mk. I is one of Count Cannoli's battle machines and the first boss in Wario: Master of Disguise. Cannoli uses this machine against Wario at the top of the S.S. Caviar. He attacks by throwing bombs onto the ground, which can be destroyed by Cosmic Wario's laser. There is an electric crystal ball on top of the machine that Cosmic Wario must shoot when it glows. After he shoots it, Mad Hat Mk. I will fall down and Cannoli will become dizzy. At this point, Wario can damage the machine by turning back into Thief Wario and attacking Cannoli. After being hit, Cannoli will extend the drill on his machine and fly across the screen twice; Wario can dodge this attack by ducking. He then resumes throwing bombs, and Wario can repeat the above process to damage him again. Three hits will destroy the machine.

An upgraded version called the Mad Hat Mk. II appears as the boss of Episode 2. A second upgrade, called the Mad Hat Mk. III, appears as a mid-boss in Episode 9.

In-game descriptionEdit

Cannoli's custom-built UFO. The lower jet engine keeps it aloft in even the most miserable conditions, but makes the thing rather hard to balance.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アルデンテUFO
Arudente UFO
Aldente UFO

French Mécachapo I
Pun on Mécanique et Chapeau (Mechanic and Hat)
German Wuthut I
Literally translated it would mean "Anger Hat I"
Italian Cappellenger I
From "Cappello" (hat) and "Challenger"
Spanish Malas pulgas I
From the Spanish phrase "tener/haber malas pulgas" (to be fishy/mean-spirited/bad-tempered)