Course No.22

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Course No.22
Course No. 22
World Stove Canyon
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.22 is the third course of Stove Canyon in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. This level is almost entirely set over lava, even more so than the previous level, with many ruined stone-arch structures scattered throughout that serve as platforms.


At the beginning of the level after Wario walks over a low platform and jumps over a , a ladder leads up to a higher platform with a D.D., which is followed by a series of small platforms with more Bō and D.D.s that Wario must jump across to traverse the lava. When Wario reaches a small island with a large stone structure, if he is powered up, he can break the blocks underneath it to gather coins and a heart inside a block. Just past the stone structure is a door to the save point.

After crossing the halfway point, Wario must jump across a few platforms over lava towards a wide stone-arch platform occupied by two D.D.s, where a Bō leaps through it from the lava about halfway through. When Wario reaches the other side, his only method of crossing the lava is by climbing the ladders found from this point onward. Many Bō also infest this portion of the level. Wario can simply walk on top of the first few ladders towards the right, though he can climb and drop down to a small platform just above the lava to find a block containing a heart. Eventually, Wario must climb down towards the lava and across to pass under low ceilings, while avoiding the Bō from below. A row of coins can be found suspended between two of the ladders, which can only be obtained as Jet Wario. After crossing the lava, Wario reaches a platform with a D.D. guarding the door to the final area, which contains a wide lava pit. Wario must jump along the three platforms that form a stairway while avoiding Watches from above to reach the other side, where the goal door is found.