Character Museum

Character Museum from Mario Party: Star Rush
Viewing Princess Peach in the Character Museum

The Character Museum is a mode in Mario Party: Star Rush that allows players to view characters and bios. Players can view characters by changing the camera angle of the character as well as activating various animations for characters such as winning and losing animations; most characters have more than one animation that can be viewed. The Staff Credits can also be viewed in the Character Museum once the Staff Credits are unlocked by reaching Level Star. In addition, players can view up to two minigames the enemy characters have appeared in as well as playing them from the Character Museum.

If players have amiibo, players can tap them in to unlock stamps related to the character on the amiibo. The stamps are based on the character's respective emblems and the quality of the stamp is dependent on how long the players hold the touch screen. Whenever players unlock stamps, they earn points to increase their Party Level.

Character biosEdit

Image Name Bio
Luigi's older bro and a pretty sweet guy.
"Always ready to stomp on Goombas that allies happen across in the grass."
Mario's kindhearted younger bro.
"Ghosts make him nervous, but just like Mario, he can stomp Goombas that are hiding in clumps of grass."
The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
"If this princess is in your party, be sure to stop by any flower buds you spot."
The princess of Sarasaland.
"The more allies Daisy has, the better her Dice Block is, so get out there and make some friends!"
The president of WarioWare, Inc.
"Wario is always on the hunt for more fat stacks of cash. He can even bust open certain rocks for hidden coins!"
A lanky fella and Luigi's...rival? Kind of?
"A trickster ne'er-do-well with a Dice Block that either rolls a six...or takes some of your coins."
A famished flutter jumper who loves fruit.
"Yoshi LOVES fruit. He's adorable like that. If you spot any, be sure to take a snack detour!"
A beloved Mushroom Kingdom resident.
"A hardworking gent with a heart of gold and an easygoing disposition. Truly a friend to all."
A cute lass with signature pink pigtails.
"A charming cutie whose very presence causes flower buds to bloom."
A mysterious lady who roams the galaxy.
"Her Dice Block rolls mirror her rank, so she's helpful when you're behind. She can also smash glowing rocks."
  Donkey Kong
This gentle beast is rather burly.
"Uses his brute strength to smash any and all barrels in his way. Just get him near a barrel and watch him smash it!"
  Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong's loyal friend.
"Diddy Kong has been invited to several of Mario's parties, but this is his debut as a playable character. Go Diddy!"
  Red Toad
A Mushroom Kingdom red!
"Aside from his red outfit, his most notable feature is probably...well...his distinct lack of notable features!"
  Blue Toad
A Mushroom Kingdom blue!
"By far the most amazing thing about Blue Toad My, what a delightful blue outfit he's sporting!"
  Green Toad
A Mushroom Kingdom green!
"Green Toad is a Toad who loves the color green. Loves it! Yep. That...about sums up Green Toad."
  Yellow Toad
A Mushroom Kingdom yellow!
"A Toad in yellow is surely a fine fellow. Surely! Other than that...he honestly doesn't stand out too terribly much."
A no-good Mushroom Kingdom baddie.
"These cads wander to and fro, rudely bumping into whoever they meet. Often mistaken for Galoombas."
  Koopa Troopa
A trooper in Bowser's army.
"Their shells may protect them, but they can also be stolen and thrown right in their Koopa faces!"
A Goomba-like foe that is not a Goomba.
"I know they're similar, but for their sake, do try keeping your Galoombas and Goombas straight!
An enemy that looks like a persimmon
"Goombrats are fated to forever walk to the edges of platforms only to turn around and walk right back. Poetic?"
  Monty Mole
A furry fiend who hides in holes.
"Often found in groups, these bad burrowers like to poke their heads out occasionally to cause calamity."
A big Koopa with a tiny shell.
"Spikes use their immense strength to hurl spiked rollers that are even bigger than they are!"
  Shy Guy
A bashful bloke hiding behind a mask.
"From balancing on balls to carrying fruit to setting up shop, Shy Guys always find creative ways to stay busy."
  Piranha Plant
A plant monster with ferocious teeth.
"Touching these plants will hurt you more than them. Perhaps attacking them foot-first is not the best idea."
  Gold Piranha Plant
A golden and shiny Piranha Plant.
"Unlike standard Piranha Plants, these golden ones have a way of making the fight worth your while."
  Piranha Creeper
A close relative of the Piranha Plant.
"They stretch out along stairs and other paths, creating a spiky obstacle for all who wish to pass by."
A large, wiggly enemy prone to anger.
"Though normally slow, when enraged, they turn red and move much faster. So don't get on their bad side!"
Small Koopas with rather spiky shells.
"Lakitu likes to toss these prickly foes down on unsuspecting heroes. Toss a shell their way to send them packing!"
Flying foes with noisy, flapping wings.
"True to their namesake, these batty baddies swoop down from on high to cause mischief."
A Koopa who flies the skies in a cloud.
"Known to rain down trouble on Mario in an attempt to ruin his day."
  Hammer Bros.
Helmeted hammer-hurling Koopas.
"With a seemingly endless supply of hammers to throw, these bros are out to bash another set of bros."
  Cheep Cheep
Round, red fish that love to jump.
"These fish spend their days jumping out of water or swimming in formation beneath the waves."
  Gold Cheep Cheep
A golden and shiny Cheep Cheep.
"Catching these fancy fish can net you a ton of coins, but they're fairly rare to come across."
A squid-like enemy who shoots ink.
"Mostly found underwater, darting about until they hit their prey. They may leave the waves to attack now and then."
A spiky enemy usually found underwater.
"Urchins spend their time floating innocently in water, making it hard for Mario and friends to swim around."
  Huckit Crab
This crab is a hermit with huge pincers.
"You're likely to find these little guys scuttling around by the water, so keep a sharp eye out!"
A bird with a spiky shell on its back.
"They attack by slamming their beaks down in a vicious peck. So, ya know, maybe don't stand in front of them."
A shy ghost who hides when stared at.
"Often found in spooky houses, they are known to return partygoers they catch back to wherever they started from."
Unlike a Boo, this ghost is far from shy.
"These wispy spirits float mischievously about and often wander the corridors of labyrinths and mazes."
An enemy that is also a bomb.
"Bob-ombs inevitably blow up after enough time passes, taking down anything in the vicinity."
A black sphere buzzing with electricity.
"All that crackling energy can't be healthy... Perhaps you'd better avoid touching these things."
A creepy blob of pulsating oddness.
"Fuzzies are often seen riding rails, attempting to ruin the day of anyone trying to get past them."
  Bullet Bill
Ruthless enemies fired from cannons.
"If you see a Bullet Bill, run away! Sometimes, they'll come charging at you unexpectedly, so watch out!"
  Gold Bullet Bill
A golden and shiny Bullet Bill.
"Though just as dangerous as their non-shiny brethren, they at least have the decency to leave behind a coin trail."
  Lava Bubble
Living blobs of fire that leap out of lava.
"Lava Bubbles have the despicable ability to set most anything they come into contact with ablaze. Feel the burn!"
  Chain Chomp
A doglike foe that chomps from a chain.
"Picking Chain Chomp's house will get you chomped, so watch out!"
This monster likes to hide in magma.
"These foes are hot like fire. No, really! Touching them causes damage, so be sure to avoid them at all costs."
  Mega Goomba
A Goomba enlarged by Kamek's magic.
"Once Mega Goomba spots a target, he will go rushing in for the attack. You'd better run if you're spotted!"
  Mega Monty Mole
A Monty Mole that Kamek enlarged.
"He appears besides copies of himself carrying bombs. If you're fooled, an explosive surprise awaits!"
  Petey Piranha
The colossal boss of Piranha Plants.
"Unlike his Piranha Plant underlings, Petey is able to move about freely. Mushroom Kingdom heroes, beware!"
  Mega Blooper
A Blooper enlarged by Kamek's magic.
"At this point in his life, Mega Blooper is in the groove. He'll give you a Star if you can follow his rhythm!"
  Mega Dry Bones
A Dry Bones that Kamek enlarged.
"He thinks it's funny to toss bones like they're boomerangs at Mario and co. His humor is a bit...dry."
  King Boo
The large-and-in-charge king of Boos.
"Like all Boos, this big meanie hates bright lights. With spooky mansions at his command, he's a royal pain."
  King Bob-omb
The regal leader of Bob-ombs.
"This king has an explosive temper. Watch out for his rain of bombs...and his reign of Bob-ombs!"
A Koopa mage with terrible magic.
"Kamek has the very-not-nice tendency to make his enemies huge and to cause all manner of magical mayhem."
  Bowser Jr.
The son of the dastardly Koopa king.
"As he smugly rides in his Clown Car, Bowser Jr. plots all kinds of pesky tricks to foil Mario and friends."
King of Koopas and Mario's greatest foe.
"Bowser will stop at nothing to prevent Mario and friends from saving the day...even outside of boss battles!"


  • The theme that plays in the Character Museum is a partial arrangement of the "Nice Job!" theme from Mario Party 9.