Breakneck Building

Breakneck Building
Breakneck Building from Mario Party 8
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Duel minigame
Music track Happy-Go-Lucky
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Breakneck Building is a Duel minigame in Mario Party 8.


The camera zooms across a small construction site, before finally coming to rest on the first player. The screen splits to show both players, and the minigame begins.


The minigame involves three tasks, each one requiring the player to use the Wii Remote in a different way. First, players encounter a log, which they must saw in half by swinging the Wii Remote back and forth. Clearing this round, the characters jump over the sawed log and move on to the next section, which involves a hammer and a table with two nails sticking out of it. The players must swing the Wii Remote vertically to pound the two nails down into the table completely. The competitors then advance to the final section, where there is a wood board on a stand. Now holding a paintbrush, the players must completely cover the wood with paint. Whoever is able to complete all three sections first is the winner. If five minutes pass, the minigame ends in a tie.


The winning player runs along a short walkway and stops in the middle of a circular stage at the end, where they do their victory pose with a log cabin behind them. If a tie occurs, the camera zooms out to reveal the characters, who do their losing animations. However, if a tie occurs at the final section, the camera zooms out but stops at a position where the player can see only half of their character.


  • Wii Remote
    • Move the saw
    • Swing the hammer
    • Move your brush
  • Buttons: Press and hold  /  to use paint brush

In-game textEdit

  • Rules"It's a construction marathon! Saw the log! Pound the nail! And then paint the wall!"
  • Hint"Each task requires a unique motion, so take your time and do it right."

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きそって!いえづくり
Kisotte! Iezukuri
Compete! Housebuilding

French Parcours du Bricoleur
Course of the handyman
German Häuslebauer
House Builder
Italian Bricolage che Passione
DIY, What a Passion
Korean 뚝딱뚝딱 집짓기
Ttukttakttukttak Jipjitgi
Fast and easy housebuilding

Spanish Alma de carpintero
Carpenter Soul