Avoid the rocks!
Chapter 2, Story 2: Avoid the rocks!
Level code 2-2
Game Wario Land II
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Avoid the rocks! is the second story of an additional chapter two in the game Wario Land II. It takes place in a system of caves located underneath Wario Castle.

The eponymous rocks of this level emerge from large holes in the walls, fall down and shatter on the ground. There are two different sizes of rocks: small ones that can be picked up and thrown like enemies to get rid of Enemy Blocks and big ones that crush Wario underneath them, forcing him into his flat form. The flat ability is of little use in this level, so the player should try to not get crushed.

Encountered enemiesEdit

Featured conditionsEdit


The hidden treasure of this level is located in a secret room in the area with the platforms, the Togemen and the D.D.s. Here a platform with a single coin, connecting to the wall on the right can be found. The player can make Wario smash through the wall and discover a secret passage to said room here.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第2話 おちてくるイワを よけながら!
Dai 2-wa: Ochite kuru iwa o yokenagara!
Story 2: Avoid the Falling Rocks!