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Stache Points upon Level Up[edit]

The Diferences from Past Games section of this article states that this game is the first and only game so far in which Stache points do not increase automatically during Level Up. That is false, at least in North America. This game is actually the second game in which Stache points do not increase automatically during Level Up. The first is Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
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I agree with this, im in Australia and the stache stat in my copys do not level up from partners in time and so on. - Cubeguy2ver.pngCubeguy(talk)
My mistake, havent played PiT and assumed that because BiS had it then PiT would have it too :/ PPLToast (talk) 09:44, 11 September 2013 (EDT)

What does 'level' mean for enemies?[edit]

I've seen it on quite a few articles now, but it doesn't really make much sense to be honest. Does it refer to what level you need to be to easily beat them? Recommended level according to the strategy guide? Some objective scale of enemy/boss strength?

And do Battle Ring opponents have a higher 'level' than normal ones?


Basically, according to the Prima's guide, it's the enemy's level. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me, either, and I have no idea how any player would even be aware of that tidbit without the use of the guide. Could be a subtle way of recommending players to reach the enemy's level for an easier fight (and yes, Battle Ring bosses have higher levels)? --Zootalo (talk) 18:53, 4 September 2013 (EDT)
Thanks. Maybe I should now work out how stats really work too, by taking damage from a bunch of Battle Ring bosses, then writing down the numbers and comparing them to Mario/Luigi's defence stats. Cause to be honest, none of these stat numbers seem to add up.


Is enemy counter attack timing changed in Hard Mode?[edit]

I read somewhere before that it is, and I'm wondering whether that's the reason I'm having so much trouble fighting certain bosses (like Earthwake) in the Hard Mode Battle Ring. I suspect the Hard Mode counter 'timing' isn't 'when his eyes flash' any more, but I need some confirmation.


Dreamy Bowser e Dreamy enemies[edit]

I have noticed that if you lose during the battle with Bowser Dreamy decided to try again, you can select the block of suggestions. One of the tips about the attacks of the boss reveals the name of the attack that consists in evoking the dremy ​​enemies. Being an Italian user do not know the English name. If there is, we should not create a page and put there the statistics on the various enemies who holds sole instead of clogging up the page of Dreamy Bowser?--Sonic98 (talk) 07:58, 6 September 2013 (EDT)

Re-writing Story[edit]

I am currently re-writing the story, so if anyone else was thinking about it just to let you know you don't need to. MolotovMan (talk) 15:04, 11 September 2013 (EDT)

Gold Beanies and Luiginary Flame[edit]

Why are Gold Beanies immune to this again? Every time I use the attack perfectly (with an Excellent) it does zero damage against one. But somehow, they're both the only creatures in the game immune to it and only immune to this one attack.

Did something change in development or something?


Minor Sort "Glitch"[edit]

For the curious: on a previous playthrough of this game, I noticed that when I gave Luigi his second Gear Slot +1 upgrade while I had an accessory in his fourth gear slot, the gloves section ended up being the last slot instead, and yet this issue didn't occur with Mario.

Luigi: Boots > Hammers > Wear > Accessories > Gloves

Mario: Boots > Hammers > Wear > Gloves > Accessories

During the second playthrough, I had both brothers wearing gloves on the fourth slot while selecting the Gear Slot +1 upgrades when they reached Flower Rank, and this issue never happened. Anyone noticed this before? --Zootalo (talk) 21:42, 16 September 2013 (EDT)

A bit of Trivia[edit]

I don't know if you guys have this on the trivia, but on the title screen, if you touch Luigi's cap, then you can start messing with his face, just like in the dreamy worlds.--Mariobro101 (talk) 19:18, 22 September 2013 (EDT)

Save Blocks for Block Recovery %[edit]

I've read somewhere that hitting Save Blocks counts toward the Block Recovery % at the end of the game. Is this true? --Zootalo (talk) 15:45, 24 September 2013 (EDT)

About one point of Trivia[edit]

As far as I can see it, this wiki lists the game as the second 3DS-game that received a patch - which is, as far as I'm concerned, not correct (besides Mario Kart 7, Devil Survivor:Overclocked also received a patch in Europe before Dream Team was even released, and I'm not certain whether it is the only game that received a patch in between those two). The question is - should this point of trivia therefore be omitted, or should it be fixed to say that it is the second Mario 3DS-game to receive a patch? Any opinions on that one? DavisWTG (talk) 08:40, 11 March 2014 (EDT)

I removed it. How about Pokémon X Lumiouse City major glitch? YoshiCGicon.pngTSUNAMIPlessie Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png

Damage formula/stats[edit]

In Talk:Mario & Luigi: Dream Team/Archive 1#How stats work, we know that in Superstar Saga, the damage formula is like this:
0.4 × POW - 0.2 × DEF

And according to this, the formula in Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story is:
POW × Level ÷ DEF × Attack Constant

How about Dream Team's?

--UntergangerPlus (talk) 00:25, 28 July 2014 (EDT)UntergangerPlus

We still don't know Unter, we still don't know. How can't someone find it already? --Carlos M (talk) 07:40, 2 June 2018 (EDT)

Another Difference from Mario & Luigi games[edit]

This is the only Mario & Luigi game not to have a disease or condition be important to the main story. Superstar Saga had Bean Fever, Partners in Time had Shroomshock, and Bowser's Inside Story had the Blorbs. Dream Team had no illness or condition of any kind. Can somebody add that, because I can't edit this page. Madz the Penguin (talk) 14:35, 1 November 2014 (EDT)


Will someone please put Zeekeeper in the playable characters because you control him in the Zee Egg Bros. Attack? I can't because i'm not a user. 14:51, 22 January 2015 (EST)

For a character to be considered playable in this context, they'd have to have a detailed control scheme, and appear for much longer than the length of an animation for a special attack that isn't mandatory to complete the game - or so I imagine anyway. ExdeathIcon.png Lord G. matters. ExdeathIcon.png 16:23, 22 January 2015 (EST)

Yes, I see. 20:39, 23 January 2015 (EST)

Mad Skillathon/Bros Attack Training Bots[edit]

Should I make a page for those things? They have different patterns and technically act as sort of enemies, but I have no idea what they're called or what they'd go under category wise.

They're the red/pink robots in this video:


Separate Luiginary Works or make its own article[edit]

The Luiginary Works seem to be better on it's own page. If the Luiginary Generator has its own page, Luiginary Works should have its own page. LuigiMLPJ.pngLuigi86101 MLBIS Luigi.png 17:37, 20 March 2016 (EDT)

Character in Dreamy Wakeport[edit]

Big Massif's disguise was actually a tour center operator, who was the referee. Call the disguise "tour center operator". Please.
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Split Mad Skillathon?[edit]

Not gonna make a formal proposal for this yet, but I feel that having the Mad Skillathon covered on this article is just wrong. The Gauntlet has its own article, and even the Attackathon has a more specific article that covers all of Paper Jam's minigames (with an ongoing proposal to split it from that, even). So why does the Mad Skillathon share an article with the game itself? It's not even fully covered in the Wakeport article! -YFJ (talk · edits) 11:55, May 9, 2019 (EDT)

I'd support it. --SMW2yoshi.gif FanOfYoshi 11:58, May 9, 2019 (EDT)

If anyone more would like to comment on this matter, please do so. Otherwise I will be starting a proposal to deal with this matter. -YFJ (talk · edits) 18:25, May 21, 2019 (EDT)

Let's get some consensus first. --SMW2yoshi.gif FanOfYoshi 14:40, May 22, 2019 (EDT)
I very much support this split. It makes no sense that these are merged. PMCS Mustard Cafe Sign.png Scrooge200 (talk) 15:49, May 22, 2019 (EDT)
I think it would only make sense to split it if we already have articles on The Gauntlet and the Attackathon. Obsessive Mario Fan (talk) 18:05, May 22, 2019 (EDT)

I think Luiginary attacks should be split into its own article as well Best Fitness Friends (talk) 21:58, May 23, 2019 (EDT)

True, tbh. -YFJ (talk · edits) 22:13, May 23, 2019 (EDT)

I went ahead and split Mad Skillathon, and I plan to do the same with Luiginary Attack. -YFJ (talk · edits) 15:30, May 30, 2019 (EDT)

Enemy Health[edit]

How can you tell how much health an enemy has? There is no health bar for enemies, so when I fight one, I can't tell how much health it has CBFan5 (talk)CBFan5

There isn't a way to see their health in-game. I think the HP numbers we have here are either taken from a strategy guide or from hacking. The latter was what someone told me when I asked before. Keyblade Master (talk)