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"Im a guy, but im not a cube." -Cubeguy

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WARNING!!! THIS PAGE WAS HIT BY A CUBE-OMB! DATA WAS SPREAD EVERYWHERE! OH! THE HORROR! THE PIXELATED HORROR!!! So i dont have time to tidy it up right now. But these Commandoguys will do it.

Just a image of me an..... WHAT THE ????

I like playing videogames alot and thus i try and get envolved with them as much as i can. There's currently no mario game coming out to look forward to. But that doesnt mean there's others!

I play old games along with the newgames so im never really bored. When a sequel comes out its replay time! I can help anyone with basically any Mario game there is (except the sport series) and im a spoiler free guy so dont worry, i wont ruin your game. Also Shyguys are cool, and will remain the coolest species to me forever. I also speculate theorys on certain characters or events that have not been explained or ever will. I post these here.

I hope to do 3D animations and hopefully build an actual game! If i do ill make sure to post a link. Speaking of animations im working on one right now!!! Expecting to finsh it soon!!!

My Accomplishments in Mario games

Look at these accomplishments
  • Note: Any games that i have broke/glitched where back in working order after a quick reboot of the console.
  • I have completed Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels and I'am currently at bonus quest level C-4.
  • I have spotted a mysterious figure that looks like Mario, keeps appearing in the shadows in Luigis Mansion Dark Moon.
  • I managed to break Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story's sprites, by walking in and out of the same room too quickly.
  • I have seen all the trailers for Luigis Mansion Dark Moon over 100 times. Hey i was really excited for this game, okay?
  • I have uploaded over 65 images on the Luigis Mansion Dark Moon gallery. 51 of them in a hour.
  • I have finished Luigis Mansion 9 times.
  • I have completed 81 floors of ThrillTower in one sitting.
  • I have played and finished every Mariokart game.
  • I finished New Super Mario Bros. 2 in a day.
  • Me & some friends broke Mario Party DS by getting 5 coin stars and spending over 500 coins in one go on DK stone satue.
  • Im hiding inside the data your looking at right now.

My Mario Games

Game Completed
Super Mario Bros. Yes
Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels Yes, Currently on Bonus Quest Level C-4
Super Mario Bros. 2 No
Super Mario Bros. 3 No, stuck at W-7
Super Mario World Yes, not extra levels though
Super Mario Land Yes
Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins No
Super Mario 3D Land Yes
New Super Mario Bros. Yes
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Yes
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Yes
Super Mario RPG : Legend Of The Seven Stars Yes
Mario & Luigi : SuperStar Saga Yes
Mario & Luigi : Partners In Time Yes
Mario & Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story Yes
Mario & Luigi : Dream Team Bros. Yes
Mario & Luigi : Paper Jam Bros Yes
Luigi's Mansion Yes
Luigi's Mansion 2 Yes
Super Smash Bros. Yes
Super Smash Bros. : Melee Yes
Super Smash Bros. : Brawl Yes
Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU Yes
Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door Yes
Paper Mario : Sticker Star Yes
Super Mario Galaxy Yes
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yes
Yoshi's Island DS Yes, not extra levels though
Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Island Yes, not extra levels though
Mario Power Tennis Yes
Mario Tennis World Open Yes
Mario VS Donkey Kong No
Mario VS Donkey Kong 2 : March Of the Mini's Yes
Mario VS Donkey Kong : Mini-Land Mayhem! Missed getting it......
Mario VS Donkey Kong : Minis March Again! Yes
Mario and Donkey Kong : Minis On The Move Yes, currently on bonus levels
Mario VS Donkey Kong Tipping Stars Yes
Mario Party DS Yes
Mario Party 9 Yes
Mario Party Island Tour Annoyingly Yes
Mario Party 10 Yes
Super Mario Kart Yes
Mario Kart 64 Yes
Mario Kart : Super Circuit Yes
Mario Kart : Double Dash!! Yes
Mario Kart DS Yes
Mario Kart : Wii Yes
Mario Kart 7 Yes
Mario Kart 8 Yes
Puzzles & Dragons + Super Mario Bros. Edition That difficulty....


Pages i made

Pages i helped with

Favourite Game

  • My favourite game is the entire Mario & Luigi series & Luigis Mansion & Luigis Mansion 2. Hmmmmm..... thats more than one.....

Favourite Characters


Im always accepting new friends, just ask in my talk page.

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