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Moving pages[edit]

I know I'm not the person you're asking, but I'll still answer. The reason you can't move pages is because you are not autoconfirmed yet; this will happen one week after your account was created (this case being the 26th) and have made at least ten edits. There will be a "move" tab available at the top of the page then. The page you want to move however, does warrant an identifier since the name is shared with another "Steve". Bowser Nightwicked Bowser Bowser emblem from Mario Kart 8 08:14, November 21, 2021 (EST)

Figured I'd just add here: no problem, but in the future, if you run into conflicts moving a page, you can either tag the redirect to be moved with {{delete}} or ask one of these fellows. LinkTheLefty (talk) 10:20, July 31, 2022 (EDT)


If you're annoyed with how the wiki handles naming, you could go to either Mario Wiki on Fandom or to Mariopedia. Both handle naming based on the English names and, well, common sense (e.g. are they green Cheep Cheeps or Deep Cheeps? this can be identified from their behavioral patterns). In my opinion, the Japanese naming can be listed as trivia points whereas on a Japanese wiki it would make more sense to sort subjects based on Japanese names. Things can often be different in localization, and I would not count out subjects being the same in one region but different in another based on naming alone. 23:41, May 29, 2022 (EDT)

Then why not post this on EVERY SINGLE OTHER user's page who believes we should separate based on Japanese names? PrincessPeachFan (talk) 09:35, May 30, 2022 (EDT)
Who else? 10:26, May 30, 2022 (EDT)
A lot of people, read the talk of SMW:NAMING for a few. Somethingone (talk) 10:31, May 30, 2022 (EDT)
Looks like there's a few. I dunno, is this situation bad enough for many to point of wanting a separate Mario wiki altogether? Point of no compromise? 10:37, May 30, 2022 (EDT)
Why would anyone want to make a new wiki over a simple naming priority inconsistency? Naming issues are going to always be here if we want to aim for the most accurate representation of things, and there's no point in trying to make a one-size-fits-all for splits and merges(there's times where Japanese names do dictate them and times where they don't). Somethingone (talk) 10:45, May 30, 2022 (EDT)
That's a good point 10:45, May 30, 2022 (EDT)
The point is, several enemies share the same Japanese name and they look the same no matter what (e.g. the Big Cheep Cheeps) and should be merged or at the very least point how incredibly similar they are and others share the same Japanese name but are clearly different things (e.g. Hachhi which can be used to refer to Bzzaps! from Paper Mario or the Propellor Bees from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat). My apologies if that didn't come across that way. PrincessPeachFan (talk) 10:52, May 30, 2022 (EDT)
I'll save you the trouble: we are not interested in other wikis. For one thing, your own Deep Cheep example contradicts itself: if you're using "common sense" behavioral patterns to determine definite appearances, you're saying that you support the notion of trimming the Super Mario Maker info off the page, unlike what we and those other wikis you listed are doing, which I don't think you're trying to get at. Secondly, saying that localization changes the regional intent is total fluff; not only do official translations obviously constantly change hands and are handled by people who are on a time crunch and may not have the time and, frankly, resources that more dedicated fans do, but this comes dangerously close to making canon arguments, something that at least one of those wikis is keen on doing (our approach is basically this I believe, and personally, this is absolutely not something that any responsible wiki should be dictating to their readers unless their series has an explicit canon policy, as it is especially subjective for long-running franchises, but I digress). And yes, this goes both ways - changed/shared names are clearly, demonstrably possible in the original language - but this is more due to other reasons such as occasional lapse of communication between developers rather something as tricky and filled with individual touches as localization, and as such, this is more prone to happen in translation. For that matter, among other reasons that have been outlined numerous times in the past, the majority of users that agree with this approach are well aware of cases like the big version of enemies where it would be largely impractical to break up no matter how you split it. We've always discussed these matters on a case-by-case basis, hence why this is mostly proposal and not policy. Fact of the matter is, going full localization or literal-blind will cause more problems in both the short and long runs than the way things are currently run. LinkTheLefty (talk) 11:50, May 30, 2022 (EDT)

I also want to point out that Japanese names do not matter nearly as much regarding the Donkey Kong games, as English is the language-of-origin for those. Bowser Nightwicked Bowser Bowser emblem from Mario Kart 8 12:09, May 30, 2022 (EDT)

RE:Construction Site Fight Proposal[edit]

Rule 10 on the MarioWiki:Proposals page states that "If a proposal with only two voting options has more than ten votes, it can only pass or fail by a margin of three votes". At the time of this proposal's third extension (and thus before Spectrogram removed their vote), there were a total of 16 votes with a 2-vote difference between the support and the opposition. -- KOOPA CON CARNE 19:05, March 31, 2023 (EDT)

Can't expect everyone to instantly and automatically know all the rules of a website. But I understand. PrincessPeachFan (talk) 19:13, March 31, 2023 (EDT)

Re: Ice Piranha Plant[edit]

I opposed before as well for the same reasons, though there's not much that can be done if the support is overwhelming. Regardless, I stand by my opposing stance. Outside of that, I'm always glad to find people I agree with. Sprite of Yoshi's stock icon from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tails777 Talk to me!Robin's stock icon from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


I think it's fine the way it is. Donkey Kong 64 material was known for using generic names for whatever reason. For exclusive enemies, this means these are the only English names they're known by (the Japanese names tend to be more unique, though it's unclear if that's the work of localization or contact with Rare). Gnawty is not only a returning enemy akin to Klaptrap or Zinger, but the manual that the game came with is considered the highest-priority source next to the game itself. LinkTheLefty (talk) 06:05, February 7, 2024 (EST)