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The Bullet Blitzer is a battle helicopter that is shaped like a Bullet Bill. It appears in Mario Party 8's minigame Gun the Runner. The Bullet Blitzer can first be seen hovering near the top portion of an incomplete building in the introductory cutscene. In the minigame, three players stay inside the Bullet Blitzer to shoot balls to prevent the fourth player from reaching the top of the building. When the minigame ends, the three players either celebrate or sulk inside it depending on the minigame's result. The Bullet Blitzer later appears during the end credits, where two characters are seen inside it.

A Carnival Figure modeled after the Bullet Blitzer makes an appearance in the Fun Bazaar, and the figure can be purchased from the Surprise Wagon for 30 Carnival Cards. After that, it can be viewed in the Carnival Wagon or the Carnival Parade. If the player clicks on the Bullet Blitzer during the Carnival Parade, it will take off from its platform, hover in the air while its back portion opens (allowing several Goombas to jump out from inside it), and then land back on the platform.


The helicopter itself has two rotors with four blades each, and it is piloted by two Shy Guys from the cockpit on the front. The semicircular panels that cover the entire back section of the helicopter are capable of opening upward on either side, revealing the inside of the helicopter and allowing a retractable platform to emerge from the left side. The helicopter also features circular windows with three on each side, two clenched fists on both sides, and an escape hatch door on the back.