Wrestling Gorilla

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Wrestling Gorilla

The Wrestling Gorilla is a character who appears in the Saturday Supercade episode "The Ventriloquist Caper."

Bones and Donkey Kong Jr. arrive in San Francisco looking for Donkey Kong, who they hear is here, when Bones notices a newspaper advertising Golden Gate Theater. When Bones notices that there is a gorilla there, Donkey Kong Jr. suggests that they go there figuring that the gorilla might know where his father is. Bones and Donkey Kong Jr. arrive backstage at Golden Bridge Theatre looking for the Wrestling Gorilla, only for Peter Windson to inform them that he is late. With the Wrestling Gorilla absent, Dandy Andy performs instead.

After Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones return to Golden Bridge Theatre after stopping Slick and Shorty from stealing a diamond, Peter notices the Wrestling Gorilla. After Donkey Kong Jr. asks the Wrestling Gorilla if he knows any information on where to find his father, the Wrestling Gorilla jumps excitedly and gives him some information in monkey noises, which Donkey Kong Jr. can understand. Excited, Donkey Kong Jr. walks away with the Wrestling Gorilla who discusses more information.

The Wrestling Gorilla is one of the three main performers at the Golden Bridge Theatre along with Dandy Andy and the juggling clown.