Panic Factory

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Panic Factory
Panic Factory
Level code 3 - 5
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Panic Factory is the fifth level of the world Ghost Island where Donkey and Diddy Kong venture through in DK: Jungle Climber. It takes place in a sinister factory within a dead forest. Levers, moving pegs, and steel girders are common throughout this level. This level's sprites and music later appear in Little Ghost Island and one of Booster Battle's levels. The incomplete Mega Amp is the boss for this level. Enemies in this level include Zingers and Kritters.


The level starts in a spooky forest where an ominous factory is located. There are Zingers and Kritters here. There are rotating pegs which Donkey Kong can grab on to, and a Kritter guarding a switch to the factory's entrance. There are pegs on conveyors here that are difficult to traverse, and there is a secret room where Diddy Kong can smash barrels to the upper left. The next room has a metal bar that is held up by screws DK must unscrew to get to the next section. There is a banana coin hidden next to one side of the bar. The final room features a crane holding up a rotating board of pegs, where the oil barrel lies. There are unstable individual pegs as well. After this section, there is a peg switch that opens the gate to the boss fight with the incomplete Mega Amp.


The following enemies appear in the following quantities:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パニック ファクトリー
Panikku Fakutorī
Panic Factory

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