Gopher Bash

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Super Mario World episode
"Gopher Bash"
Cheatsy Koopa trapped under his Gopher minions/backup singers in Gopher Bash.
Production number 408
Airdate November 9, 1991 (English)
October 16, 1992 (French)
Writer(s) Brooks Watchtel
Featured song "Cheatsy's Life"
Captain N episode "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain"[citation needed]
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"Gopher Bash" is the ninth episode of the Super Mario World animated series.


In a large field, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, and a group of Cave People are surveying the scenery. While looking around, Mario goes on to say that, though the field is great, he does not think the Cave People would really want to grow crops, as they can simply grab berries off the nearby trees. As Yoshi begins eating some berries, Princess Toadstool goes on to say that she thinks Luigi's idea to teach the Cave People to grow their own food is pretty good. After hearing Princess Toadstool say this, Luigi begins his food-growing lessons.

Luigi shows the cave people how to plow.
Luigi and Yoshi about to plow the field.

First, Luigi, with the help of Yoshi, tries to teach the Cave People how to plow. Unfortunately Yoshi, upon seeing a berry, runs a bit too fast and Luigi is dragged along by the hungry dinosaur. Once Yoshi eats the berry and the field is plowed (looking like Yoshi's face), it is revealed that King Koopa and Cheatsy Koopa have been spying on everyone.

Upon seeing that Luigi's efforts to teach the Cave People crop-growing is working, Koopa begins to worry; if the Cave People can grow their own food, they will be harder to subjugate. Seeing his father worrying, Cheatsy comes up with an idea: steal all the food the Cave People grow. Without any food, the Cave People will starve and be forced to come to him for food. Thinking this idea to be great, Koopa leaves Cheatsy in charge of things.

After the field is completely plowed, Luigi begins to plant seeds and tells the Cave People to do so too. Unfortunately, the Cave People do not understand too well and begin to plant any nearby objects, much to Luigi's dismay. After a while, the seeds are successfully planted, with the next step being to water the plants.

Cheatsy spies on Luigi and Yoshi.
Cheatsy spying on Luigi and Yoshi.

Unfortunately, the Cave People take things out of hand and tip over a nearby well, which spills a wave of water over the field, washing Luigi and Yoshi away, much to Cheatsy's amusement. After the water washes away, Mario pulls his trapped brother out of the mud and asks how the farming is going. Luigi replies that it is going great and clomps away through the mud as Yoshi pulls himself from the dirt.

Surprisingly, the Cave People succeed in growing rows of crops, much to Luigi's delight. Later that night, Cheatsy and several Gophers sneak into the tunnels beneath the field and begin taking all the crops. While Cheatsy and the Gophers giggle at their deed, several other Gophers appear with a sack filled with Piranha Plants. The Gophers proceed to stick the Piranha Plants in the holes the crops used to be in.

Waking-up the next morning, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi find all the crops gone. Reaching into a hole to see if anything is left, Mario is surprised as a Piranha Plant almost bites his arm. Yoshi manages to slurp-up the Piranha Plant before it can do any damage though. However, just as Yoshi eats the one Piranha Plant, several more appear out of the ground.

Running for their lives from the Piranha Plants, who are being puppeteered by Cheatsy and the Gophers from underground, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi become trapped in a ring of Piranha Plants. Luckily, Yoshi manages to eat all the surrounding Piranha Plants. Still trying to beat Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, a Gopher grabs the roots of a nearby Piranha Plant and tries to maneuver it in for an attack; unfortunately for the Gopher, he is pulled up to the top of the tunnel when Yoshi tries to eat the Piranha Plant.

Cheatsy is caught by Mario & Luigi.
Cheatsy caught in the act.

Trying to get their comrade down, Cheatsy and the other Gophers are pulled to the surface when Yoshi pulls on the Piranha Plant's stock hard enough to tear it up, with Cheatsy and the Gophers still hanging on to it. Flung right in front of Mario, Cheatsy taunts the two, saying they will never see their crops again. Before either Mario or Luigi can grab him, Cheatsy leaps down a hole dug by his Gopher henchmen, with Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi falling in afterwards.

Getting up, Luigi and Mario begin to wonder where Cheatsy has gone. Yoshi proceeds to point to a nearby Warp Tube, saying Cheatsy went that way. Preparing to jump into the Warp Tube, Luigi is stopped by Mario, who says that the Cave People do not need the food Cheatsy stole, as they can just go back to picking berries. A saddened Luigi says that he told the Cave People they did not need to pick berries anymore, since they had the crops. The Cave People listened to Luigi and did not store any food for the winter, meaning they will starve if they do not get the crops back.

Cheering Luigi up, Mario and Yoshi say they will help him get the food back. Going through the Warp Tube, Luigi, Mario, and Yoshi are sent plummeting down a pit. Luckily, Mario manages to grab a nearby magic balloon. Becoming inflated, Mario grabs Luigi and Yoshi and descends to the ground safely.

Seeing Cheatsy and his Gopher minions nearby, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi hear the Koopaling's plan to sell all the food he stole from the Cave People back to them at an outrageous price. As Cheatsy begins to sing "Cheatsy's Life", a self-praising song, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi begin to sneak-up on and grab Cheatsy's Gopher henchmen.

Luigi scolds Yoshi for eating the crops.
Yoshi, having eaten the entire sack of crops.

As Cheatsy sings, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi grab the Gophers one by one. When there are none left, they reveal themselves and revamp the ending of the song. A surprised Cheatsy has no time to get out of the way as Luigi lets go of a rope, which drops Cheatsy's tied-up Gopher minions on top of him. Grabbing the sack filled with food, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi take it over to a nearby Warp Tube and stuff it down before jumping in themselves. Failing to drag himself out from under his bound minions, Cheatsy can only say, "I hate those plumbers..."

Getting back to Dome City, Luigi announces to the Cave People that he got all their food back. Opening the sack of food, Luigi is horrified to find a bloated Yoshi roll out of the bag, having eaten all the vegetables. Luigi, disappointed that all that work to get the food back was for nothing, tells Yoshi to start planting more food. Yoshi agrees but upon trying to work in his overfed state, belches unexpectedly, allowing Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool to share a good-natured laugh.



  • "Uh, the field's fine, but I don't think the Cave People are wild about being farmers. Especially when all they have to do when they're hungry is reach out and grab some grub." - Mario
  • "Ooh! Yum, yum, yum! Good idea!" - Yoshi
  • "Mario, if Luigi thinks that he can teach the Cave People farming, let him try." - Toadstool
  • "All you got to do is make a straight line. Go, Yoshi! It's a cinch!" - Luigi
  • "This is badder than bad, Dad. This is baddest!" - Cheatsy Koopa
  • "Planting is simple. It's just putting things in the ground... assuming it gets to the ground." - Luigi
  • "Rats! If they can't grow crops, I'll have nothing to steal." - Cheatsy Koopa
  • "Oh no! Run for your life, Yoshi!" - Luigi
  • "Grubba da dubba! I hate water!" - Yoshi
  • "Mom always said, you were good at growing." - Mario
  • "Yeah, that's why I'm the tall one, little big brother!" - Luigi
  • "Mario, I've heard of weed killers, but killer weeds?" - Luigi
  • "Don't just help him, stand there!" - Cheatsy Koopa
  • "The only way you guys are gonna eat is by shopping at the Koopa-Mart. So long, suckers!" - Cheatsy Koopa
  • "Aw, no cry, Luigi! We help!" - Yoshi
  • "One for all..." - Mario
  • "And all for dinner!" - Yoshi
  • "I hate those plumbers." - Cheatsy Koopa
  • "Well, since you ate the whole thing, now you can do the hoe thing!" - Luigi

Animation and continuity errors

An animation error in Gopher Bash
Cheatsy's mislayered face
  • When Princess Toadstool tells Mario that Luigi should give it a try on farming, Mario is shown to be brighter than the other characters and background.
  • The number of spikes on Yoshi's back continually switches between three and four.
  • In a couple of scenes, the rim on Cheatsy's shell is green like the rest of the shell.
  • When Luigi gives Yoshi some seeds, his shirt is green instead of blue.
  • When the Cave People pour water onto the field, the sound effects stop briefly.
  • When Cheatsy watches Luigi and Yoshi getting washed away by the flood, his tail is the same color as the rim of his shell.
  • When Mario walks up to Luigi after the flood, his feet pass through the hill he is on.
  • When Luigi first says the crop names, the first crop is "cave carrots". Later, when they are leaving Cheatsy's lair, the name changes to "cave cabbage".
  • When Cheatsy says, "At last my time has come!", the whites of his eyes turn green.
  • In several scenes of this episode, the "L" on Luigi's hat turns white against a black background.
  • Normally, the bag is skin-colored, but when Mario and his friends are dancing, it turns green.
  • When Mario lands on a Magic Balloon, he has four fingers on each hand instead of five.
  • When Cheatsy is shocked by Mario and his friends, the stripes on his eyelids are missing.
  • When the Gophers land on Cheatsy, some of them have a completely brown body.
  • When Cheatsy says, "I hate those plumbers," his muzzle is briefly layered behind his eyes.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Die gestohlene Ernte
The Stolen Harvest
Italian Colpo grosso per le talpe
A big steal for the moles
Portuguese Os Esquilos
The Chipmunks
Romanian Lovitura Gofărului[1]
Gopher's strike
Spanish (NOA) Topos Comelones
Eater Moles
Spanish (NOE) Intento a Cultivar
El golpe de gofer (re-dub)
Try to Cultivate
The Coup of gopher (re-dub)



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