Ghosts 'R' Us

Super Mario World episode
"Ghosts 'R' Us"
SMWTV Ghosts R Us.jpg
Production number 404
Airdate October 5, 1991 (English)
September 25, 1992 (French)
Writer(s) Perry Martin
Featured song "Wizard"
Captain N episode "Totally Tetrisized"
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"Ghosts 'R' Us" is the fourth episode of the Super Mario World animated series. The episode is misspelled as "Ghosts Are Us" on MRA Entertainment's DVDs. This episode's name is a pun on the name of the store Toys "R" Us. This is also the second episode of a Super Mario cartoon to have a title be a pun on the name Toys "R" Us, the first being "Crimes R Us" of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

This is the only episode that did not appear in the single-disc DVDs of the series, but instead being released as part of the Mario Bros. Mix DVD.


Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool are searching the Enchanted Forest for the missing Oogtar the cave boy. As the group searches, Yoshi becomes increasingly uneasy in the haunted forest. After reassuring Yoshi that there are no ghosts in the forest, Luigi bumps into a robed being.

Apologizing to the figure for bumping into him, Luigi is warned by Princess Toadstool that the figure is "the most terrible Koopa Wizard in the entire Dino World, Wisenheimer". Yelling that his name is really Wizenheimer, the Koopa Wizard ends up scaring Luigi and Yoshi, causing the latter to run away panicking.

After frightening Yoshi away, Wizenheimer demands that Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool jump into a nearby Warp Pipe. Princess Toadstool refuses to enter the pipe, stating that it leads to a haunted house. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool are subsequently forced into the tube when Wizenheimer conjures-up a Bob-omb and threatens to blow up the group. After Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool jump into the tube, Wizenheimer follows them in.

Eventually, Yoshi stops running and begins to worry about his friends and the trees and bushes roar and grab at him. Before Yoshi can track them down, though, a large Tarzan-like holler scares the dinosaur. Terrified, Yoshi runs off, only to be chased by a "monster" who was, in actuality, the missing caveboy, Oogtar.

While running away from Oogtar, Yoshi nearly bumps into a wall of Piranha Plants sticking out of Warp Pipes. Yoshi easily jumps over these Piranha Plants; unfortunately, Oogtar is not as lucky and ends up becoming stuck in a Piranha Plant's mouth. After begging for help, Oogtar is saved when Yoshi slurps up the Piranha Plant chewing on Oogtar.

After Oogtar thanks Yoshi for saving him, Yoshi explains to him that Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool have been kidnapped by a Koopa Wizard. Hearing Yoshi's story, Oogtar decides to aid him in his search for their friends.

In the basement of the haunted house, Wizenheimer begins to taunt the now shackled Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool. After Princess Toadstool asks Wizenheimer why he is holding them captive, the Koopa Wizard's only response is, "Because I'm an evil Koopa Wizard, I don't need a reason to be mean and nasty. It's my nature!". Wizenheimer then leaves his prisoners, whose only hope of escape are Yoshi and Oogtar.

While looking for their friends in the forest, Oogtar and Yoshi are attacked by an angry Caterpillar. A panicking Oogtar is forced to drag Yoshi away, the latter having gone into shock due to the caterpillar's monstrous roars. While fleeing from the caterpillar, Yoshi comes across a ? Block, which he hits, causing a pair of Magic Wings to pop out of the box; leaping into these wings, Yoshi gains the power of flight. With Oogtar on his back, Yoshi flutters up into the air and swoops down on the attacking caterpillar and with his sticky tongue, gobbles it up.

Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Oogtar trapped in Wizenheimer's castle. Note that Mario and Luigi's gloves are the same color as their skin.

With the ability to fly on his side, Yoshi easily finds the Warp Pipe his friends were forced down and with Oogtar, he ventures down it. Coming out of the other end of the Warp Pipe, Yoshi is horrified to discover that Wizenheimer lives in a haunted house. Deciding to leave Yoshi behind, the overconfident Oogtar begins pounding on the door of Wizenheimer's haunted house. Coming to see what the commotion was, Wizenheimer is met with Oogtar, who demands to be brought to the house's dungeon to see his friends. An amused Wizenheimer agrees to take Oogtar to the dungeon, then subsequently zaps the caveboy into chains in the dungeon.

Realizing it is up to him to save his friends, Yoshi, with the use of a Triangle Block, barges into the house. Inside the house, Yoshi is attacked and chased by a gang of ghosts. After a long chase, Yoshi finds himself in Wizenheimer's basement, face-to-face with the Koopa Wizard himself.

After almost being blasted by Wizenheimer, Yoshi, after getting some advice from Oogtar, uses his tongue to slurp up Wizenheimer's wand, leaving the Koopa Wizard powerless. Yoshi's subsequent belch from eating the wand shoots out a magical blast that frees his friends. The now free Mario defeats Wizenheimer by jumping on his head and sending him tumbling into the bowels of his basement.

Even with Wizenheimer defeated, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, and Oogtar are still trapped in his haunted house. It is only after a failed attempt by Oogtar to break down the basement door that a magic key is found. Using this magic key, the gang are transported back to Dome City, safe and sound.


Animation and continuity errorsEdit

Yoshi's miscolored saddle
  • When Mario tells Yoshi to not be afraid, he has four fingers on each hand instead of five.
  • When Luigi bumps into Wizenheimer, his right hand overlaps on him.
  • When Oogtar is impressed after Yoshi eats the Piranha Plant, Yoshi's right eye is closed as opposed to his open left eye.
  • In several scenes of the episode, various objects, such as ? Blocks and doors disappear, only to reappear later.
  • At one point, Luigi's gloves are missing while only the stripes are visible.
  • When Wizenheimer explains that he is an evil Koopa Wizard, Mario’s mustache is colored brown instead of black.
    • In the same scene, his and Luigi’s handcuffs are the same color as their gloves. This also happens when Wizenheimer says he like to have people captive.
  • When Wizenheimer says he likes to have people captive, he has five fingers on his right hand.
  • In several scenes, the "L" on Luigi's hat turns white on a black background.
  • When Luigi says that he and his friends are trapped, Princess Toadtstool's eyebrows are black instead of orange.
  • When Yoshi runs over to the ? Block, Oogtar is layered over him.
  • When Yoshi and Oogtar are flying in the air, a Block in the background can be seen to be moving with the screen.
  • When Oogtar is impressed after Yoshi eats the caterpillar, his hair is layered over his left hand.
  • When Oogtar says that the Warp Pipe leads to the haunted house, his eyebrows disappear briefly.
  • When Yoshi hides behind a tree, he is layered in front of and behind it.
  • When Toadstool questions Oogtar's disappearance, Mario and Luigi's gloves are the same color as their skin. This also happens near the end of the episode when they congratulate him for finding a magic key, although the stripes on their gloves appear to be the same color as their shirts.
  • When Luigi says, "Great! But who's gonna rescue you?", both Bros.' letters on their caps are missing.
  • When Yoshi finds the Triangle block and when he jumps it, it overlaps on the house.
  • When Yoshi opens a window, part of the background is colored in like his body.
  • While running from the Big Boo, Yoshi's saddle colors are reversed..
  • When Yoshi is out of breath from running, the door behind him is missing.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
French La maison hantée
The haunted house
German Das Geisterhaus
The Ghost House
Italian Fantasmi a colazione
Ghosts for breakfast; from Oogtar's quote "Oogtar eat ghosts for breakfast."
Portuguese Fantasmas somos nós
Ghosts 'R' Us
Romanian Noi suntem fantome[1]
We are ghosts
Spanish (NOA) Fantasmas juguetones
Playful ghosts
Spanish (NOE) Los fantasmas somos nosotros
Los fantasmas (re-dub)
The ghosts are us
The ghosts (re-dub)



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