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Appears in Mario Party 5
Type Boss mini-game
Music track Final Test (during first three phases)
Big Bowser Battle (during final phase)
Music sample
First three phases:

Final phase:

Frightmare is the last minigame in Mario Party 5. Its name is a portmanteau of "fright" and "nightmare."


The minigame has four phases. First, fire-breathing Mechakoopas appear. They need to be destroyed by either stomping on their heads or throwing them within 60 seconds. If they are breathing fire, they hurt the player if stomped or if the player tries picking them up, but they can be stomped or picked up if they are charging up. If even one remains after the 60 seconds elapse, the player automatically loses.

The player starts with ten hearts for Easy and Normal difficulty, eight hearts for Hard difficulty, and six hearts for Intense difficulty, which serve as their Health Meter. Each time the player gets hurt, they lose a heart. If the player loses all their hearts, they lose the minigame.

After the Mechakoopas are destroyed, Bowser sends three fire rings, and the player must avoid them for 30 seconds. The rings change their size and can even overlap each other. If the player is successful in dodging the rings, Bowser fights the player.

Bowser can charge at the player, breathe fire while walking around, and try to stomp the player. To dodge this, the player must get out of the way when he jumps through the air. When he lands, he cracks a tile. After a tile cracks three times, both characters are sent plummeting to the final area. When Bowser first jumps to the stage, the middle tile gets cracked, so this tile needs to be landed on only twice. Bowser then drinks a potion and grows to ten times his normal size, but this makes the floor collapse beneath him, causing him to be wedged due to the building's structure.

Frightmare's final phase in Mario Party 5
The final phase of the fight

After commenting that he is stuck and taunting the player, Bowser throws fiery red orbs (which unleash small waves of lava after they hit the ground and leave a small black core behind), breathes a huge stream of fire, and then sends out an electric purple orb, which gives off a shockwave that can destroy the orbs leftover from the first attack. When the orbs are heated up by his breath, they turn into spheres of light, and the player has to pick one up and hit Bowser's face with it to damage him. After Bowser is hit five times, he breaks through the structure and gets sucked into the background vortex, defeating him. If the player does not defeat him within five minutes, the player automatically loses.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さいごのゆめ
Saigo no yume
The Final Dream

French Ultimate Combat
Final Battle
German Der letzte Traum
The Last Dream
Italian Il ring del terrore
The ring of terror
Spanish Pesadilla