Across the Chasm

Across the Chasm
D-3: Across the Chasm from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
The three Strong Ghosts blocking access to the elevator
Location Secret Mine
Mission # 3
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Across the Chasm, or D-3, is the third mission of the Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Three strong ghosts with paranormal chains are fought in this mission.


Professor E. Gadd reveals to Luigi that he has found the Dark Moon piece in the mine, inside the distant Workshop. He says that he cannot teleport Luigi to the Workshop because the Pixelator camera near it is not responding, and further stating that the Workshop is on the other side of a large chasm, though luckily the Toad Luigi rescued a few missions before knows how to get across it, by using a gondola in the Terminal.

After getting pixelated to the mine, Luigi discovers that the elevator that leads to the Terminal has completely frozen due to an open window letting in snow and frigid air. After closing the window and burning the ice, Luigi boards the elevator and heads to the Terminal. After setting off a few Robombs that break open the ice blocking access to the gondola, Luigi attempts to go in. Once he tries to open the door, he is ambushed by a Strong Gobber, a Strong Greenie, and a Strong Slammer, all wrapped in paranormal chains. The three ghosts then chain up the door leading to the Gondola, and Luigi is forced to look for and capture the ghosts.

The Strong Gobber is located in the Basin, but before attacking, it sends a trio of Hiders to attack Luigi. Once he defeats the Hiders, the Gobber flies out and attacks Luigi. This is where Luigi discovers that paranormal chains further strengthen ghosts, as this Strong Gobber has 300 HP, compared to normal Strong Gobbers, which have 200. After Luigi defeats the ghost, the yellow chain on the gondola is removed.

The Strong Greenie is located in the Smuggler's Hideout, but, similar to the Strong Gobber, sends out a trio of Sneakers to attack Luigi. Once he defeats them, the Greenie flies out. Not unlike the Strong Gobber, this Greenie is further powered up by the paranormal chains, having 100 HP as opposed to 50. When this Strong Greenie is defeated, the green chain on the gondola breaks off.

The Strong Slammer is located in the Chalet, and like the previous ghosts, sends a trio of Greenies, though one of them has a red paranormal shield. Once they are defeated, the Slammer reveals itself. This Strong Slammer, powered up like the other ghosts, has 250 HP. Once Luigi defeats this ghost, the red chain on the gondola is broken.

Once all three ghosts are sucked up, Professor E. Gadd calls Luigi and tells him that the chains on the gondola are all broken, and that Luigi is now able to get to the Workshop. Using a machine inside of the gondola, Luigi catapults burning rocks onto frozen wires in the High Wires, which were blocking access to the Workshop in the first place. Once Luigi arrives at the Workshop and peers into the window, he will see a Shrewd Possessor messing around with a Fuzzball. Luigi tries to get inside, but discovers that the door is blocked. Luigi goes into the Maintenance Room and fixes the generator, which in turn unlocks the door and fixes the Pixelator camera. If Luigi tries to come out, a large amount of snow locks him in. E. Gadd calls him, pixelates him with the nearby camera, and the mission ends.


Mission Goals:
Find the access to the gondola in the Terminal. Board it, and cross the chasm to reach the location of the Dark Moon piece.

Remove the paranormal chains that block the door to the gondola. Capture each ghostly culprit to vanish each chain.

Find another way to cross the chasm. Reach the Workshop, and look for the Dark Moon piece.

  • Find the gondola access.
  • Get rid of the paranormal chains.
    • Remove the green chain.
    • Remove the red chain.
    • Remove the yellow chain.
  • Cross the chasm and reach the Workshop.

Boo locationEdit

In the Deep Hall, Luigi will notice that a small kettle over a fire has disappeared. If Luigi shines his Dark-Light Device over it, vacuums up the Spirit Balls that come out, and blows the kettle over the fire, the Boo, named ParaBoola, comes out.


Success! The Parascope has located both the Dark Moon piece and the possessor that has it. But you'll have to cross the chasm and reach the other side to find them!

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メインラボに進め~!
Mein rabo ni susume!
Head toward the main lab!

Chinese 向主实验室前进~! (Simplified)
Xiàng zhǔ shíyàn shì qiánjìn!
前往主實驗室~! (Traditional)
Qiánwǎng zhǔ shíyàn shì!

Head toward the main lab!

Dutch De grote oversteek
The Big Crossing
French Au-delà du gouffre
Beyond the Chasm
German Über den Abgrund
Over the Abyss
Italian Oltre il burrone
Beyond the Ravine
Portuguese (NOE) Do Outro Lado do Abismo
On the Other Side of the Abyss
Russian Над пропастью
Nad propast'yu
Above the Chasm

Spanish Al otro lado del abismo
At the Other Side of the Abyss