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Hi, is the account LUIGIROCKS7 (talk) yours? If so, and if you still have access to it, please use that account instead as having multiple accounts is prohibited. If you've forgotten your password or anything, please let me know. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 22:12, 16 November 2016 (EST)

From Luigirules71/Luigirocks7. Sorry I did forget my password Because sometimes i'm forgetful, if you must delete this account, I Will hold no grudges.

Sorry to butt in but the best way to remember a password is by writing it down either on paper on on your device's notes. Then when you re-log in check "Keep Me Logged In", I hope this information is useful. :) Fawful Battle 2nd time.png The RPG Gamer (talk) (edits) Jojora MnL.png 22:26, 16 November 2016 (EST)
Thanks for letting me know. Please note that any records from your old account are carried over as well. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 22:36, 16 November 2016 (EST)

Welcome, LUIGIRULES71!

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The RPG Gamer (Talk)

Luigirules71: Thanks The RPG Gamer.


Please stop making unconstructive edits on the Super Mario Wiki. This isn't a warning, and it's possible that you made a mistake by accident or without realizing it; this is simply a reminder for your information. If the action continues, then a warning will be issued. Thanks for reading and keep contributing.
If this reminder was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

Please do not restore content after someone has removed it without first having a discussion with that user. Not doing so can easily cause the situation to spiral into an edit war.

'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 03:24, 17 June 2017 (EDT)

LuigiRules: :(

Please stop violating the courtesy policy on the Super Mario Wiki. This isn't a warning, and it's possible that you made a mistake by accident or without realizing it; this is simply a reminder for your information. If the action continues, then a warning will be issued. Thanks for reading and keep contributing.
If this reminder was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

Please stop calling out Mister Wu (talk) for his edits to the Super Mario Odyssey page in your edit summaries and in his talk page; it's impolite. LBsig.png LB (talkeditsforum) 04:04, 17 June 2017 (EDT)

LuigiRules: Ok... :(

LuigiRules: Question? Why can't i Put The information on Peach almost Getting Married To Bowser From Those Titles? i Hate having good information Removed.

It's being removed because it's not adding particularly useful information to the page. If multiple users keep removing your edits, it would be best to not consistently put it back, as there's more than likely a problem with your changes and it could easily turn into an edit war. LBsig.png LB (talkeditsforum) 04:12, 17 June 2017 (EDT)

LuigiRules: Oh Ok Thanks For Telling me. :) LuigiRules: But, i've seen multiple ones similar to the point i made in the Trivia Soooo What makes those Different? :|

Your edits were in good faith, but they didn't serve much purpose to the article. You can review the policy on trivia sections if you want more info. LBsig.png LB (talkeditsforum) 04:29, 17 June 2017 (EDT)

LuigiRules: K Thanks.

To be more specific, there were too many points to the list. If the wedding only showed once or twice in official media, then it might be noteworthy, but five times is a bit excessive and not really anything worth noting anymore. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 11:35, 17 June 2017 (EDT)
LuigiRules: Ohhhhhhhhhh.....

Stage 1-6[edit]

Hi, if you can't find or obtain an image for an article, just tag it with {{image}} and someone will add an image there as soon as they can. Thanks! Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 00:58, 11 September 2017 (EDT)


Even if it's one appearance, it still warrants the category. A character that's only been playable in one game, for example, would still use the category "Category:Playable Characters". The point of categories is ease of navigation; it'd be better to include it than to not have it at all. Also I don't see why "Category:Married" needed to be removed; she was married to Cranky, and as I've already stated, the category can still be used even if it refers to one or two games. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 02:35, 15 September 2017 (EDT)

Well i didn't mean to remove married. if i did, OOPS! User:LUIGIRULES71/sig

But my question is why is she under Deceased While she is still in the Living Realm Which makes her Undead Too? i'm not trying to start a agurement or Be Rude But Why is she Both undead and deceased? She is more Likely a Undead Character Than a Deceased Character. also since You've added Wrinkly Kong To Deceased Can i add each individual Luigi's Mansion Portrait Ghost (Except Chauncey, Bogmire, Boolossus, Possibly The Clockwork Soilders, Jarvis and King Boo) under Deceased since Some are implied and outright stated to have died at some point? Like Mr. Luggs Who ate himself to death and Sue Pea Who Died in Her Sleep. Can i?

They're not mutually exclusive. While she does appear as a ghost in most games, she's still a deceased character. That's not to say every "Undead" category entry should be listed under "Deceased Characters"; there'd have to be evidence of their being alive at some point to be, well, deceased, rather than just being a regular ghost character that was never intended to have such a backstory (e.g. King Boo). That being said, yes, the Portrait Ghosts you mentioned can be categorised as such. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 07:40, 15 September 2017 (EDT)

Ok Thanks. User:LUIGIRULES71/sig

DK94 levels[edit]

Thanks for your work on the Donkey Kong 94 levels, but just letting you know that there's no need to add multiple line breaks at the end of the article. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 05:28, 22 October 2017 (EDT)

About the levels, good job so far! However, I propose we merge the levels into their respective world articles (Stage 2-11 be merged into the Forest article etc.). This way, we avoid inconsistency with Mario vs. Donkey Kong world articles, like Mystic Forest or Spooky Attic, which contain info on all of their levels without them having separate articles. Yes, I am aware I began this project a long time ago (and didn't have the decency to finish it) but I wasn't paying attention at my surroundings at the time. -- -- MP Sideways Koopa Artwork.png Koopa con Carne Koopaflag2.png

Well Thank You Both, it really means Something. also about What You Said Super Radio, i'm not against it But i'm not sure What To Do. i Don't Know if We Should merge it or Leave it Be.. So i'll do something i Guess? P.S. it's my Dad's Birthday. -- User:LUIGIRULES71/Sig

Mario jc told me that, since all levels should have their separate pages (that's policy), there's no solution but to simply split the MvsDK world articles. This sadly means compromising the featured status of Mystic Forest since there will not be much substance left in there. So keep doing what you do... Happy birthday to your father! -- -- MP Sideways Koopa Artwork.png Koopa con Carne Koopaflag2.png

OK i'll Do My Best and Finish it. also Thanks For The Birthday Wishes For My Dad. -- User:LUIGIRULES71/Sig


Your signature is just leaving a redlink to your signature page, which doesn't exist. First, you should create User:LUIGIRULES71/sig (click the redlink), put a signature on it (make sure to include links to your userpage and talk page), then past the following code into the signature box in your preferences: {{subst:nosubst|User:LUIGIRULES71/sig}} Anything on your signature page will then show up when type four tildes ~~~~. Thanks.
Ultimate Mr L sig.png Ultimate Mr. L (Talk-Contribs-Stats) 20:03, 22 October 2017 (EDT)

Oh Ok Thanks. User:LUIGIRULES71/sig

Bloody overuse of the word "bloody"[edit]

Just curious, what is it with your obsession with that word in your edit summaries? Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 00:28, 27 October 2017 (EDT)

Oh that? it's me acting Like an Australian Even Though i'm not original From The Country. it also stems from the Fact i Like The Letters B and L. i also Sometimes say mate But i Have Yet To Say Crikey. So There Ya Bloody Go Mate. LUIGIRULES71


why did you remove that? it COULD be a tweester, are you going to make a tornado article? King boo dsfs.pngMKDSFTalk!King boo dsfs.png

The Same reason Why People Removed Some Sections From The Cow article and change The name To Moo Moo, They COULD be a cow. also i Maybe make a Tornado article. LUIGIRULES71

I already created it. NSL. LUIGI FAN!!!!!!!!!

Note that the cow thing was done after a proposal. There was no proposal here, meaning you broke the rules something major. You should have at the very least created the tornado article first before removing all of that. Never do that again without a proposal, OK? Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 20:44, 11 November 2017 (EST)I


Hey, are you just making up the name "Torny"? If so, I don't think it's worth having a separate conjectural article, because we'd only note their similarity anyway.
'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 04:31, 13 November 2017 (EST)

Oh really? Yes i named it Torny since it's not a Tweester Until We Find an Official name. i Was Gonna Bloody Create a Page For Torny after i Finish creating all Of The Donkey Kong For The Game Boy Levels. LUIGIRULES71

Sorry, but I don't bloody think it's necessary.
'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 04:44, 13 November 2017 (EST)

OK. Sorry My Highness. LUIGIRULES71


The Parrot page was deleted. There is no value in linking readers to a page about nothing. Why are you reverting my edits? Hello, I'm Time Turner. 01:03, 15 November 2017 (EST)

Why Was it Deleted? i Undid Your Edits Because The Other Animal Buddies had their species shown, Sorry about that. But, seriously Why Was it Deleted? LUIGIRULES71

Deleted via proposal. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 01:06, 15 November 2017 (EST)
Oh... i Really need To Stay Bloody Updated With This stuff. LUIGIRULES71

Your edit summary[edit]

This edit summary is not an appropriate way to behave nor write edit summaries. Please don't do it again. BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 15:55, 20 November 2017 (EST)

i'm SO Sorry. i Just HATE When Wii Remotes are called Wii Motes By People. it Just angers me. The same Bloody Happens if Somebody Calls Regice Reg-ice instead of Regi-ice. So Sorry, Won't Happen again. LUIGIRULES71

Pretty sure it's been called a Wiimote in some games. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 16:39, 20 November 2017 (EST)
it has?... LUIGIRULES71
Can you also please stop typing in camel-case aka stop capitalizing the first letter of words. It's harder to read. BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 21:23, 20 November 2017 (EST)
Ohhhhh...fine! Now i know how Grunty feels... LUIGIRULES71

To add to this, edit summaries should be used if it's related to the article, such as "Fixed typo", "Added template", "Responded", etc. Entries like "it's Bloody Snowing Where i am." and "i Had a Bloody Dream Yesterday i Was With My Family Members i Don't see often on Vacation." are not acceptable. Please don't use summaries inappropriately again (I also don't think you're using "bloody" correctly, imo). Continuing to use edit summaries inappropriately will constitute a reminder. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:04, 17 December 2017 (EST)

Oh sorry. i Just wanted to add life to my summaries and make my edits more noticeable so people won't have a hard time looking through history to find what their looking for. LUIGIRULES71

If anything, adding life events to your summaries without any indication as to what actually changed would just make it more confusing to look through. Life events should really just be kept out of them, unless the edit pertains to your userpage. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 15:28, 17 December 2017 (EST)
OK thanks Alex. LUIGIRULES71

Removing Images[edit]

Unless there is a important reason for why you keep removing the images I upload for the Donkey Kong (Game Boy) levels and not just "I'm goofing around", you should not be doing that. It just adds a pointless edit to the recent changes and the articles' edit history. LuigiMaster123Icon.png LuigiMaster123 00:32, 28 November 2017 (EST)

i'm Bitter about that fact that You Voted on the Cow section Which Was about Remoooving (Heh, Pun...) Real Life Cow information for that page. Especially When There was information about the "Moo Moos" Being Cows While There Was No information about The Tornadoes From SMB3, TAOSMB3, SM64, NSMB and M+RKB Being Tweesters Yet They Got To Keep Their information Until i Did Some Work...So i'm Basically angry at You So When You added The images for Stage 4-1 and Stage 4-4 i Removed Them Because i Was Bitter...Yeah it Wasn't Goofing around... LUIGIRULES71

I put that as my vote because it's my opinion. Removing or changing ANYTHING just because you're upset about something and not for an important reason is completely unacceptable no matter what and is a violation of the courtesy policy. You also seem to have violated the policy before. If it happens again, then I will issue a warning. LuigiMaster123Icon.png LuigiMaster123 16:01, 30 November 2017 (EST)

O_O Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. Won't happen again... LUIGIRULES71

You really don't need to type this into your edit summary. I know I might be sounding really naggy, but stuff like that really annoys me. LuigiMaster123Icon.png LuigiMaster123 23:52, 9 December 2017 (EST)

Sorry Dude. LUIGIRULES71


Next time, please try not to write in overly lengthy sentences, and use punctuation when necessary. Otherwise, it makes it hard for readers to understand what's being written. Also, try to avoid gameplay strategies (i.e. which is the "best" method etc.) when describing level layouts. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 01:05, 28 November 2017 (EST)

Sorry Bout that. i just don't know When to use punctuations or When to avoid gameplay strategies i.e. the "best" method and i Just Like it Long. i Just Like To Explain How To Beat the stage. i'll Try Better next Time. LUIGIRULES71

You still seem to be having some issues with this. Rather than using "then" multiple times in succession, try to use commas when necessary. So instead of, "Mario then must go right then Jump up some blocks then grab a Rope then jump off of it while going to the right.", it can be written as, "Mario then must go right, jump up some blocks, grab a Rope, then jump off of it while going to the right." Try to also avoid run-on sentences (fusing two clauses together that would be better off as two separate sentences). It never hurts to start a new sentence.
Also, never use colloquial words like "gonna" or "outta" on articles. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 02:48, 1 January 2018 (EST)
Thanks For The advice, i'll Bloody Take it Next Time For Stage 5-3. LUIGIRULES71
And please stop throwing random capitals everywhere on your messages. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 23:03, 1 January 2018 (EST)
oh sorry. force of habit. LUIGIRULES71

Gosh Darnit Updates[edit]

Does anybody Else Have To Log Back into Their account When Their Device Updates? LUIGIRULES71

Yes. But don't worry about it. Wikis usually recommend but don't require that users edit while logged in, so you're fine. :) Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 15:43, 7 December 2017 (EST)
Thanks Toadette. LUIGIRULES71
Er, while that's technically true, it would be best to edit while signed in as much as possible so all your edits can be attributed to one account.
And, yeah, I have to log back in too when that happens. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 15:58, 7 December 2017 (EST)
Hm. OK. Well i'll Get Back To Those Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Levels. LUIGIRULES71

anybody Got Twitter?[edit]

anybody Got Twitter? Cause i Got Bloody information on some Donkey Kong Country Stuff From Steve Mayles. Just Look at His Twitter and You'll see i asked Him Some Questions about The characters and enemies in the series Which he responded To. also Please inform The Donkey Kong Wiki Too. i'm The User Sherrie Harden. Yes i Use My Mother's account, Don't Question it. :| LUIGIRULES71

Try and see if you can link to it instead. Here's an example used as a reference in Phantom of the Bwahpera. Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 23:42, 20 December 2017 (EST)
Well i'll Try But i'm not The Best at it Which is Why i Said Did anybody have Twitter, Plus i'm Mainly Busy With The DK94 Levels LUIGIRULES71

Donkey/Cranky Kong[edit]

There's no need to link to Cranky Kong when mentioning Donkey Kong in the original arcade game's context. I know that Cranky is officially considered to be the original DK, but we decided that any information regarding the original DK goes on the page with the name he was referred to (Donkey Kong) to avoid confusion, so any links should link there. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 19:15, 30 December 2017 (EST)



Hi, just letting you know that the "(boss)" label of levels featuring the aforementioned boss are usually lowercase, as "boss" is a common noun, and as such it is usually lowercase. Thanks! Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 20:10, 30 December 2017 (EST)

Oh Jeez. What about Final Bosses? LUIGIRULES71

Same thing. Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 10:22, 3 January 2018 (EST)


No, I'm not new here. I have been here for at least a year now. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 19:03, 31 December 2017 (EST)

Oh Cool. LUIGIRULES71 31 December 2017 (EST)


Hi, regarding your comment at Talk:Monita, please keep shouting (making comments in all-caps) to a minimum, as it sometimes comes across as rude and overreacting. Thanks!

PS: If you oppose the proposal, then go ahead and vote in the "Oppose" section! Just remember to provide a rationale, even if it's a "per" vote, okay? Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 17:58, 5 January 2018 (EST)



Hi, regarding your "joke" on Talk:Monita, please keep jokes in the mainspace to a minimum. Proposals are usually serious wiki affairs and should be treated as such. Not only that, but you can even get reprimanded for this kind of behavior! It's still all right to have a little fun, but be sure it pertains to the issue revolving around the proposal, alright? Thanks! Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 18:59, 5 January 2018 (EST)

Oh Ok. But, What's reprimanded? LUIGIRULES71

Reprimanded means consequences like warnings. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 19:08, 5 January 2018 (EST)
Oh My. Thanks Alex. LUIGIRULES71


This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior on the Super Mario Wiki. Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked from editing this site.
If this warning was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

Don't do something like this again. You do not remove votes and other users' content if something isn't going your way. If there is a problem with the voting, talk about it in the comments or bring it up with a staff member, but do not just willingly remove content without a valid reason. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 18:51, 19 January 2018 (EST)

But Wait i Didn't Remove anything. How'd that happen? i Just Did that to see What it Would Look Like, not to actual do it. Sorry. LUIGIRULES71

It'd be best not to do something that could result in an issue just to "see what it would look like", because it's possible a mistake could happen, like it did. Keep this in mind. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 19:14, 19 January 2018 (EST)
OK. Thank You, Sorry For That Mistake. LUIGIRULES71
But Gosh Darnit Monita is gonna get her page deleted and i have one Warning Which means i only have one more chance. :,( LUIGIRULES71
again i'm so sorry i Didn't mean to remove anything. i'm no Griefer, i'm no vandal, i'm no troll and i'm not one to enter false information (Unless i Don't Know it's false or it's believed to Be true at the time). Very sorry for screwing things up. LUIGIRULES71
Wait How'd You edit my comment? i Thought You Couldn't edit other users' comment? LUIGIRULES71
You can if you're just doing maintenance. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 20:13, 19 January 2018 (EST)
Oh. i Forgot. LUIGIRULES71
Hey, sorry to butt in, but there is a "Show Preview" button next to "Save Page". That is one of the most useful buttons on the wiki, as it lets you see what a page would look like with your edit--without saving the page. As an extra precaution, you can copy the source code to the sandbox, which is a page you can edit however you want, so long as you obey the comment at the top. This page was specifically designed to give users practice editing pages and help them familiarize themselves with wiki coding. If you want, you can also create a personal sandbox in your userspace. And just so you know, users only get blocked after a last warning ({{lastwarn}}); just a regular warning like this one means you have two more chances. For more info on warnings and blocks, see these pages.And lastly, don't let this warning discourage you from editing more. While I don't know what it's like to have a warning myself, I know that warnings do discourage many people, so don't let that happen to you, okay? -YFJ (talk · edits) 02:45, 20 January 2018 (EST)
Thank You YoshiFlutterJump. also i Did do Show Preview, i Tried to undo it While adding that comment calling out to Doc. i Don't Know How But The Page saved the parts When i Jokingly Removed The Votes. Won't happen again. LUIGIRULES71

Calling Out Users in Edit Summaries[edit]

Please do not call me out or other users in your edit summaries. Edit summaries are, again, used for stating the changes you make to a page or when creating a page, not for calling out specific users. If this continues, you will receive a {{lastwarn}} and eventually get blocked. If you have a problem with my vote on a proposal, then talk it over with me instead of doing what you did. LuigiMaster123Icon.png LuigiMaster123 17:16, 7 February 2018 (EST)

Sorry LuigiMaster. LUIGIRULES71
This is your last warning. The next time you break the rules in any way, you will be blocked from editing the Super Mario Wiki.
If this last warning was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

No, this is no excuse after you've been reminded multiple times to stop misusing summaries and calling out other users in them. You've already been told by LuigiMaster123 twice to knock it off (and earlier than that you called out Mister Wu for no reason at all), yet you continued to do so anyway. You can't hold a grudge over another user simply because they have a different opinion than you; in proposals, there are bound to be users that don't see eye to eye with you, which is something you need to get used to. Please review the courtesy policy (specifically the parts about summaries and forgoing the use of proper grammar in communication) as well as your talk page messages. If this keeps up, you will receive a ban. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 18:11, 7 February 2018 (EST)

Just try to keep it under control in the future, okay? We know you have no ill intentions, but even that is no excuse for not being blocked at all. Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 15:33, 8 February 2018 (EST)

Now i'm Really Sad... User:LUIGIRULES71 :(

i'm So Sorry, i Got anger issues Which Makes Me Do actions Before Thoughts. i'm Sorry LuigiMaster123, Mario JC and Toadette the Achiever. But, The First Warning i Feel Like i Don't Deserve Because it Was an accident and not intentional Because i Refreshed The Page Which Looked Like it Got Rid Of My Edits But Didn't, i'm so sorry i Didn't Mean To Do it. i'm Sad i Got My Last Warning Please Forgive Me i Don't Wanna Get Blocked. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 22:02, 13 February 2018 (EST)

Re: Talk[edit]

What have you got in mind? Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 12:14, 10 February 2018 (EST)

Sorry it Took So Long To Reply, i Was on YouTube. anyway i'm Just Really Sad i'm on My Last Warning. i Just Don't Think i Deserved The First one Because it Was an accident. The Second one i Kinda Deserved But it Wasn't Terribly Bad, Plus, i Got anger issues and i miss The Monita Page. it Just makes me Disappointed at myself and sad Because it Feels Like i Didn't Deserve it and i Know i Can Do Better. if any admin sees This and thinks "He's complaining too much about him having warnings so we'll block him" Don't, i'm Sorry i Don't mean To Come Off as Complaining i'm Just Sad. i also Don't Wanna Get Blocked Before i Finish The Donkey Kong Game Boy Levels. LUIGIRULES71 LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 22:07, 13 February 2018 (EST)
Sorry for my own late response. Having anger issues is perfectly normal. Whenever it's about to happen, just log off before it gets out of hand and wait until you've calmed down. I've dealt with plenty of contentious situations myself, such as this one (which, by the way, is ongoing and annoyingly complicated to consensually envision a workable solution). If you need help, just contact me or an admin and we'll give you whatever help you need. Just...keep the call-outs to a minimum, okay?

P.S.: Even if the Monita page is "deleted", it surely should now be a redirect to Nintendo Land and the history should still be preserved; if not, I'll contact an admin to restore it.

Thanks! Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 23:13, 17 February 2018 (EST)

Also, since I'm here, are you considering creating articles for the Mario vs. Donkey Kong levels, since they're near identical to Donkey Kong's platforming? Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 23:33, 17 February 2018 (EST)
Thank You For Making Me Feel Better. Though For The Mario vs Donkey Kong levels, i Think i'll Have More Trouble With Them, Yes They are identical But With Donkey Kong is More Like: You, Section 1, GO! Compared To MVDK Which is More Like: You, Section 1 With The Key, Section 2 With The Mini-Marios, GO! Their Longer and i Have Trouble Sometimes Trying To Get The Full Levels Of Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Because Slimkirby (The Guy i'm Watching) Sometimes Doesn't show how to get to some sections of a Level. i Don't Even Own a Game Boy Cartridge Donkey Kong (Game Boy) i Have To Watch Videos To see how to Complete stages. Before You Say Download it on the 3DS, i Can't mine is Broken So That's not an Choice. The Only Game Boy Cartridge i Own is Super Mario Land. i'm only going do The Game Boy Levels since their easier, Plus my Writing is Horrible! (Or Could Be Better.) i've made many mistakes But i'm trying my Best. so i'm sticking With The 94 Levels. also The Morty Mole Thing, i'm More on Board The Split since They act and Look Totally Different With a Different name Too. Whew This is Long. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 12:00, 23 February 2018 (EST)
If you want video playthroughs of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, I suggest this video (and this video for the Plus Mode levels as well as this video for the Expert Levels). There's also some content from the world articles that you can check before creating the articles, and even if it's challenging, I admit that I've dealt with challenging projects before (creating all of the non-Remix 10 Super Mario Run levels took quite long!). Obviously not saying you have to do it, just saying that I think you'd be good at helping create them. Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 15:37, 27 February 2018 (EST)
OK Thanks. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 20:40, 27 February 2018 (EST)

RE: Bleep[edit]

For censoring, bleep is the correct word. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 19:04, 24 February 2018 (EST)

Oh...Thanks You For Telling Me. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 19:07, 24 February 2018 (EST)

Some pointers[edit]

A few more things:

  • There's no need to capitalise common nouns like "Key", "Crouch" and "Jump" (linking them as [[jump]] still works).
  • Try to avoid using words like "get" as in "get through" or "get past"; instead, try to use a more professional substitute like "pass through".
  • Avoid contractions as much as possible like "that's" or "there's", which should be written in their long forms ("that is", "there is").
  • "Mess up" is colloquial (often used in informal conversations), so please avoid informal phrases like that.
  • Please recall what I said regarding run-on sentences and sentence structure in general.

If you're going to continue creating level articles, these are important things to remember. We're happy to correct any mistakes, but it's encouraged that you know these corrections yourself (and if you have any problems, don't be afraid to ask around). I highly suggest you to look over other level articles (and maybe your previous articles, which have since been revised) as examples. Zero Suit Samus pose SMM.png Mario JC 02:12, 8 March 2018 (EST)

Additionally, and I told this to you already, please avoid putting real life situations in your edit summary like you did here. You can do this for your userspace articles, but for mainspace articles, it is unnecessary. I'm sorry for your loss, though. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 10:55, 8 March 2018 (EST)
Also, to add to Mario jc's fourth point, in the place of "mess up", you can usually use "fail" (such as "if Mario fails to reach the platform in time") to tone down the colloquialism. Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 16:39, 8 March 2018 (EST)
Thank You Mario JC, Alex and Toadette the Achiever. i'll Use The advice To Make Better Pages and My Uncle is in a Better Place and i'm Happy For Him. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 23:09, 13 March 2018 (EDT)

Oh Goodness...[edit]

Oh Goodness it's april Fools''s a Time Where i DON'T TRUST ANYBODY! Even PorpleMontage could tell me something But i Wouldn't trust him on aril 1st! Oh it's also Easter so Happy Easter. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 23:59, 1 April 2018 (EDT)

You keep using that word[edit]

Your abuse of the word isn't charming, especially when an explicative is completely unnecessary. "Bloody" isn't a catch-all term for whatever you feel like, it's a genuinely crass term. It's not something that you use to describe other users, nor when you're saying hello to someone for the first time. Knock it off. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 22:37, 19 April 2018 (EDT)

But i'm Just speaking australian. :\ LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 22:45, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
"Australian" isn't a language. In Australia, "bloody" is an unkind word, and in Britain, it has historically been outright vulgar. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 22:49, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
Really, you're not, and even then, that doesn't excuse you using the word at all. A word that's common in Australian parlance does not instantly mean that you have the right to use it without any meaning on a site whose main audience isn't from Australian. Also, that completely loses context when you aren't even Australian. In short, you are being discourteous. Stop. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 22:52, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
To Doc: Oh. Why Did Nobody Tell Me this fact about "Bloody" Eariler? LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 22:56, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
i'm not Trying To Be Rude Or Discourteous. i'm Just Trying To Being Funny... LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 22:59, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
We tried to get you to stop using it two times already. Additionally, regarding the user talk page that you created, it's best to wait until after they've made an edit before trying to converse with them. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 23:00, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
Side note: do not use words when you do not know what they mean. Doing this a bad idea. Also, doing things for the sole purpose of being funny isn't particularly productive when you're the only person that's laughing. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 23:01, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
To alex: Oh, Well The First Time When Doc Said something about it, Doc Was Either To Me, Just asking Why i Use it alot or not Being clear enough. The Second Time though i Did Forget. as For The creating the talk page, i Didn't Know, Won't Happen again. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 23:09, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
I used the word "overuse" to describe what you do. That should, at the very least, be a yellow flag, if not quite red. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 23:12, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
Oh, Well i Didn't Know. LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 23:19, 19 April 2018 (EDT)
also To Time Turner, not Trying to sound Pushy or say anything Wrong But The Way You Said "Knock it off" sounded a Bit Rude To Me...i'm Not saying You are Rude Or Were Trying To Be Rude Or Mean and i'm sorry if You think i'm making you sound rude But it Just seemed a Little Rude To Me... LUIGIRULES71 (talk) 23:43, 19 April 2018 (EDT)