Training Course (Donkey Kong Barrel Blast)

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Training Course
Training Course
Appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cup(s) None

The Training Course is a racecourse in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. It is a small racecourse set in a jungle. This course is notable for not having a preset amount of obstacles present on it, as it varies depending on which mode the player is currently playing. This course is only used in Cranky's Flight School, in seven of Candy's Challenges and during the credits after the player successfully beats the Platinum Cup.

Track description[edit]

The course begins with a small turn to the right, leading to a long straightaway. After the straightaway, the player will make a large U-turn to the right. After the long turn is another, shorter straightaway before making a turn to the right that leads to the finish line.

Candy's Challenges[edit]

  • Challenge 1: Smash 15 barrels.
  • Challenge 4: Collect 200 bananas.
  • Challenge 7: Smash 15 Zingers.
  • Challenge 11: Smash 40 barrels.
  • Challenge 13: Smash 25 Zingers.
  • Challenge 20: Collect 200 bananas.
  • Challenge 30: Make 30 Wild Move combos in succession.


After beating the Platinum Cup, the player will be sent to this course. Here, the only obstacles are barrels and the player has access to unlimited Wild Moves. The player needs to destroy the barrels and the staff names will be shown once a barrel has been destroyed. When the credits are over, the game will tell how quickly the player showed the entire credits by destroying barrels, as well as showing the highest Wild Move combo count they got. Neither of these records are saved and cannot be seen in the Records mode.