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Director Notes

Written by: Meta Knight (talk)


Hello there and welcome to this spooky October issue of Strategy Wing. Hopefully you all have been enjoying what you can in this early fall. I've been realy busy with schoolwork and things. The summer ease of sitting around doing nothing is a feeling I'll miss. RandomYoshi (talk) and Superchao (talk) have caught the life bug as well, but don't fret! PaperYoshi (talk) is back with Mario Calendar this month, and be sure to catch Yoshi876 (talk)'s section as well! Superchao will be back for Let's Play Showcase for both November and December for you all, so be looking forward to that. RandomYoshi should be good to go as well. I am so grateful for everyone that's on my team, and as always we're looking for writers for this subteam.

For those of you celebrating Halloween, remember to stay safe. With that out of the way, please enjoy this month's issue.

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Party Trick! 7 36.84% Meta Knight & RandomYoshi
2nd Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner 6 31.58% Yoshi876
3rd Galactic Expedition 4 21.05% Meta Knight

Tips and Challenges

Yoshi876 races on some spine-twisting courses and shares his tips
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Meta Knight looks at Clockwork Castle while RandomYoshi is busy getting his Stars back.
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History and Facts

Paper Yoshi takes a look at the spooky and sweet titles released on a day in October.
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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

Written By: Yoshi876 (talk)

Kool Karts

Not to be confused with an actual bat.

You can't race if you don't have a Kart to do it in, so in this section I'll give you some facts about a Kart, Bike, ATV or even tires and gliders that you can use hopefully for racing success.

This month's Kool Part is a glider, the Swooper (or Swoop for PAL regions). As you can tell the Swooper is shaped like a bat. However, it doesn't come with the best aerodynamics. In fact it actually reduces air speed, making your Kart slower in the gliding sections. It also slightly reduces drift and weight. This does make up for the lack of speed slightly though as it improves air handling, making it easier to turn whilst in the air. It also increases your acceleration and mini-turbo, giving you small speed boosts on the ground.

What's Changed?

Least he genuinely looks like a fish now.

Retro tracks are now a huge portion of the Mario Kart games, typically amounting to half the courses in the game. But usually these courses change some things up, so in this section I'll help you find out "What's Changed" in the retro tracks.

This time we're going to take a look at Banshee Boardwalk, a fairly unpopular course, but spooky none the less. Not much has changed from its transition to DS. It's had the usual graphic improvements, but the only real changes are changing the Cheep Cheep into a Boss Bass and changing the generic bats into Swoops.

Ace Shortcut

Not pictured, the shortcut getting used.

In this small section I give you a way to shave a few seconds off your time, whether you know about it or not. Be warned, most of these shortcuts will require a Mushroom.

This issue I bring you a shortcut from Wario Shipyard.

Just after the Warp Pipe jump is a muddy section, a Super Mushroom across that will cut the corner.

Party Trick!

Written By: MK icon.png Meta Knight (talk), and Pi icon.png RandomYoshi (talk)

MK icon.png Hello fellow party fanatics! I'm here by myself this month, Pi's busy with life and things like that. This month we're going to look at a board from Mario Party 6. It's October, the time for a lot of people when they love to get spooked. This board in particular might not seem so scary at first, but upon digging deeper, Clockwork Castle definitely has plenty of things to be scared of if you like to keep your Stars, as well as your spot at 1st place. To even play on this board though, you will have to purchase it from the Star Bank for 100 Stars. This means you will have to play around in other modes or boards in order to acquire the necessary funds to access this board. Once you have this map unlocked, you're geared up for one royal party!

Clockwork Castle board during the daytime in Mario Party 6
An overhead view of Clockwork Castle during the day.
An overhead view of Clockwork Castle during the night.

Players start in the center of the map where the stone star platform is. They then move down into the roundabout, and proceed counter-clockwise. Unlike most of the boards throughout the series, Clockwork Castle has a unique way to get the star. The goal is to chase after Donkey Kong during the day to try and purchase a star for 20 Coins. However, once night hits, DK will transform into Bowser! To shake things up, on top of that the direction of the board is reversed. So now, instead of chasing DK, Bowser is chasing you. If Bowser manages to catch you, he will steal a star. If you do not have a star, he will steal 20 coins instead. After all players take their turns, DK or Bowser will then have a move as well. It is possible for them to roll more than one dice block, so be careful about being too close to Bowser! If DK passes you when he moves though, you can still buy a star! Another thing to note is that if someone gets to DK to buy a star, DK will move to somewhere else on the map, but if he runs into one of the players and they buy a star, then he won't teleport to someplace else. The same principle also applies to Bowser.

Bowser climbing up one of the platform bridges. He has currently activated two dice blocks.

Something else to mention of the structure of the board is the floating platforms on the sides of the board. During the day, the left will only have one bridge. If someone passes it, then the platforms will shift to the other side. On the right side of the board though all of the platforms are in place. During the night, the opposite is true. Despite being much heavier, DK and Bowser do not affect the platforms, and will not cause them to switch if they pass through the set of platforms on only one part of the fork.

Boo has entered a Green Pipe at the top and has now exited out of the Green Pipe at the bottom. He will continue to move the remaining 5 spaces.

Additionally, paying attention to when the phase is going to change is also important. For example, if it is the final turn of the Day phase, and you're chasing DK, be careful not to get too close! This is because after the shift to night, when the direction of the map is reversed, Bowser will now be extremely close to catching you! Using items such as Mushroom Orbs can also be helpful to try and get to where you need to be, whether that is away from Bowser or close to DK. Another notable feature of this board are the pipes. On the bottom of the map, and on the top, there are a set of pipes. During the day, there will be one Green, one Red, and one broken pipe (indicated by the red X over the grey exterior). You can use these to get around the map, to get closer to DK or further away from Bowser. When you get to a pipe, it's a good idea to look at the map to get a spectacle of the board. Each pipe will take you to the other side of the corresponding color,and when you exit a pipe, you still get to move whatever number you have on your dice block. However, during the night the Red pipe will no longer be active, making it so there's only one pipe to travel through. This is so that Bowser can try to catch you easier, but you have to do what you can to use the pipes to plan out our escape. That's not all though! There are several Happening Spaces that will affect the pipe locations. The two Happening Spaces on the bottom of the map will change the order of the pipes on the bottom, while the two Happening Spaces next to the top center pipe will shift the order of the top pipes.

Yoshi has currently landed the arrow on day, but since it is already daytime, it remains day.

There is a Happening Space at the very top of the map, in front of the clock tower. If someone lands here, they have the potential to alter the phase! The player will watch a spinner move on a dial where half of it is for day and the other for night. The spinner stops pretty quickly after the block is hit, so it's important to be aware of the timing to get the phase that you want. There are other strategic methods that can be used here. For example, if someone is right next to DK, you can turn it into night and make it so that Bowser will be going after them. Alternatively, if Bowser is chasing you, change the phase to day so that he goes back into DK. One thing to note is that if the phase doesn't change, the amount of turns left in the phase does not change. For example, if it is the last turn of day, and the spinner lands on day, then it is still the last turn of day.

Mario has landed at Twila's house and now gets to choose between two chests for a Star or coins.

On the right side of the map is Brighton's temple. The Happening Space in front of the building with a sun symbol on it is his house. If you land here during the day, you will have a choice between two chests. One has coins, and the other is a Star! It's completely random, so you'll just have to hope you get the right one. If you land on this space during the night, nothing will happen. The Happening Space on the other side will summon a UFO that will take whoever landed on it back to start. Useful if Bowser is chasing you and there is no way out. On the left side of the map is Twila's temple. The Happening Space in front of the building with the moon symbol on it is Twila's house and has the same effect as Brighton's house except with Twila you have to land on it at night. The Happening Space on the backside of Twila's house contains another minigame. You will have the chance to win an orb by fishing it out of the sky.

MK icon.png That's it for this month's Party Trick! Now go out there and give your friends some tricks to earn the treats.

Mario Calendar

Written By: Paper Yoshi (talk)

Hi everyone, and welcome to this month's Mario Calendar! As you may have noticed, I wasn't able to write my section for the September Issue, but now everything has been taken care of, so it's time to check all the Mario, Yoshi, Wario and DK games released sometime during October, which are the following:

Abb. Console/Store
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
N64 Nintendo 64
GCN Nintendo GameCube
Wii Nintendo Wii
Wii U Nintendo Wii U
GB Game Boy
VB Virtual Boy
GBC Game Boy Color
GBA Game Boy Advance
NDS Nintendo DS
3DS Nintendo 3DS
WiiVC Wii Shop - Virtual Console
3DSVC Nintendo eShop (3DS) - Virtual Console
WiiUVC Nintendo eShop (Wii U) - Virtual Console
Abb. Region
NA North America
JP Japan
EU Europe
DE Germany
AU Australia/New Zealand

That's all for now!! See you in November!!

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