Welcome To Cloud World

Welcome To Cloud World
Welcome to Cloud World.png
Level code 5-6
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Music track Athletic
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Welcome To Cloud World is the sixth level of World 5 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. As the name suggests, this level is made up almost entirely of clouds. The player must go through the clouds to make it through this course. This level's playable Yoshi is the brown Yoshi. The first room of the level is a sidescrolling section.


The level begins with Yoshi in a sidescrolling section, near a bunch of coins forming an arrow, poiting to the right. Yoshi can find a pipe spawning Shy-Guys here, useful if he wants to make eggs. A tulip can be found above these pipes, which gives out Stars if Yoshi throws an egg or spit an enemy inside of it. As Yoshi ventures through this area, he is attacked by Gusties, Woozy Guys, Wild Piranhas and a Lakitu. He can also find the first Special Flower of the stage here, along with some Red Coins and a Winged Cloud containing Stars. After a second Winged Cloud, not only another Lakitu will attack Yoshi, but also a Green Glove throwing eggs at him. Fortunately, Yoshi can find some Huffin Puffins here, near a green pipe. A Slugger guards a Special Flower in a tall cloud near this area, thus forcing Yoshi to throw an egg at the Special Flower while Slugger is distracted to collect it. Ahead are some Red Coins hidden amongst normal coins, and a few Sluggers on top of small clouds. Near one of these Sluggers is a Winged Cloud containing a Special Flower.

Yoshi then finds some aggressive Green Gloves, a Wild Piranha, and some Baron von Zeppelins carrying Needlenoses. In this area, Yoshi is confronted by two Lakitus simutaneously, posing a threat to the dinosaur. Another Winged Cloud containing Stars can be found directly below a cloud where a Huffin Puffin stands. After this, Yoshi simply has to deal with Lakitus, Woozy Guys and Baron von Zeppelins carrying Needlenoses, until he reaches a large wooden bridge. Yoshi is attaked by Gusties here.

In the next section, Yoshi finds a Middle Ring, along with several Flightless Goonies running through a wooden bridge. Then, Yoshi has to wait until a Balloon start to rise, and then use it as a platform to reach a couple of tall green pipes. Two Red Coins can be found near these pipes. Yoshi must trick a Green Glove in the other side of a tall pipe, into hitting a green block, in order to cause a nearby green spiked platform to flip, allowing Yoshi to use it to reach the top of the pipe. After this, Yoshi must do the same, but this time involving a Red Block and two Red Spiked Platforms. Yoshi eventually reaches the top of the pipe, where he is attacked by Gusties, Green Gloves and a Wild Piranha. A section where Yoshi has to jump over several pits while collecting Red Coins follows this, and in the last pair of pipes, Yoshi has to hit a Wild Piranha in order to open the way. The last Special Flower of the stage can be collected here. The Goal Ring is located ahead of three clouds near these two pipes.




Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おそらの くものうえで
O-Sora no Kumo no Ue de
On Top of the Clouds in the Great Sky

Chinese 云之国
Yún zhī guó
Kingdom of Clouds

French Strato et Cumulus.
Stratus and Cumulus.
German Über den Wolken!
Above the Clouds! (title of a pop song)
Italian Con la testa fra le nuvole
With the head in the clouds
Spanish Bienvenido al mundo de las nubes
Welcome to Cloud World