Tackle Shot
Paula uses the Tackle Shot.
Used by Paula, Skipper, Clay, Ace
Type Offensive Power Shot
Appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour
PS Points 1 Body

The Tackle Shot is an Offensive Power Shot that Paula and Skipper use in Mario Tennis: Power Tour, but can also be unlocked for the player's own usage in story mode by gaining L1 Body, and thus first becomes available when the Tacklebot, the one source of PS Body, is unlocked after clearing the first round of the Island Open.

Upon activation, the user aligns themselves vertically with the ball and performs a run-up towards it, at which point they strike it in the form of a tackle, hence the name. This move is similar to the Barrel Cannon Blast.

In-game descriptionEdit

"An aggresive shot that tackles the ball and sends foes flying"