The title screen for Rising Star
Rising Star title screen

Rising Star is a two-player mode found in the Variety Pack of WarioWare: Get It Together! It involves two players working together to complete microgames while also trying to be the first to earn five stars.


Rising Star is based on the effort system used when playing microgames with two players in the Play-o-pedia, although Rising Star will not select a boss microgame.

In this mode, two players play together in a microgame. A random crew member is selected for each round. Both players will get the same crew member, although Dribble/Spitz and Kat/Ana are exceptions. Like in the main game, they have to complete microgames, but there are no lives like in the Play-o-pedia. After a round, two outcomes are possible: if the microgame is won, whoever did the action that would normally give them an effort point will receive a star; in case of a loss, whoever did the action that would normally have an effort point taken away from them will have one star taken away, unless that player has no stars. If both players contributed equally to either outcome, neither of them will earn or lose stars. Whoever has five stars first wins.

In some microgames it is not possible to gain or lose stars at all, due to the game considering both players having equally contributed. For example, in Boxed Up, they simply have to evade Wario's hands. Neither gains an effort point if the microgame is won.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese がんばりバトル
Ganbari Batoru
Endurance Battle

Italian Stella d'oro
Golden star
Korean 전력으로 배틀
Jeollyeogeuro Baeteul
With-All-One's-Might Battle

Spanish Estrellas fugaces
Shooting stars