Flatterbots being created in Dr. Crygor's Top Secret Factory
Flatterbots being created in Dr. Crygor's Top Secret Factory
First appearance WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021)

Flatterbots are a type of robot created by Dr. Crygor that first appeared in WarioWare: Get It Together!. Their name is a combination of "flatter" and "robot". They have metal hats and a single eye with a red pupil and mostly appear in orange, though wider, yellow ones and thinner, green ones also appear in the intermissions in Crygor's level, High Tech, and a large, purple one carrying pom-poms appears before the boss microgame. They are used to praise the performances of a specific character, which is expressed by orange and green Flatterbots by clapping, yellow ones by giving thumbs-ups, and the purple one by cheering in a similar manner to a cheerleader.

Dr. Crygor's dancing failing to impress the Flatterbots
The Flatterbots not reacting to Dr. Crygor's dancing

Flatterbots first appear in the introduction to High Tech, where they are seen being assembled in Dr. Crygor's Top Secret Factory. Dr. Crygor decides to test them out by letting them evaluate his, Doris 1's, and Mike's performances. While they applaud Doris 1's sweeping and Mike's singing, they shut down after watching Dr. Crygor's dancing. After that, he deems the test a failure. The Flatterbots are later seen applauding Dr. Crygor, Mike, and Doris 1 in the credits.

In the introduction to the Wario Bug's level, Anything Goes, the giant Wario nose briefly corrupts and turns into an orange Flatterbot before hurtling towards the Earth.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホメホメロボット
Homehome Robotto
Praise-Praise Robots

French Robots fayots
Italian Applausobot
Korean 칭찬 로봇
Chingchan Robot
Compliment Robots