Fight Toadies w/ Toadies

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Fight Toadies w/ Toadies
Level code Secret 4
Game Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Music track Athletic (SMW2:YI)
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Fight Toadies w/ Toadies, or Fight Baddies w/ Baddies,[1] is the Secret Stage of World 4 in the game Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. The name is a pun on the idiom "fight fire with fire". Like every other Secret Stage, this level's playable Yoshi is the green Yoshi.


The level starts with Yoshi standing on a rocky area in the mountains. As soon as the Player goes forward there is some platforms to jump along; the player also needs to bounce on Para-Koopas. The player then needs to use a Spinning Log to catapult themselves upwards onto a small platform where they need to bounce on a Bullet Bill to proceed. Through this area of the level the player. After bouncing on Bullet Bills, the player reaches a Middle Ring.

The player then enters a cave, where they need to cross a pit of spikes, by bouncing on Shy-Guys on Stilts. After that they get to an area where they need to go up riding balloons. After the player needs to bounce on a Shy-Guy on Stilts to get past a pit of spikes and up to the next area. Then the player needs to go down a small shaft and onto a large mushroom, and after jumping along some more mushrooms, the player goes into another cave area where there is a Middle Ring.

The player reaches an area with many small platforms and Fuzzies. After crossing a long gap, the player goes out of the cave area and to another Middle Ring.

Now the player is in a scrolling area with lots of platforms, and Bullet Bills. At the end of this area, the player needs to bounce off of a Para-Koopa or a Bullet Bill to reach the goal roulette.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テキをつかってきりぬけろ!
Teki o Tsukatte Kirinukero!
Use Enemies and Struggle Through!

Chinese 敌人的作用!
Dírén de Zuòyòng!
The Role of the Enemies!

German Hüpf-Scharmützel
Bounchy Skirmish
Italian Sgherri in agguato
Toadies in ambush
Spanish Combate enemigos con enemigos
Fight Enemies With Enemies


  • The cave and underground areas in this level use the athletic music instead of the cave music.