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The Boss Tent (also called Boss Hut) is a tent in Craft Island, in Yoshi's Woolly World. It is unlocked by completing the course King Bowser's Castle. In the Boss Tent, players can face off against each of the twelve bosses in the game, but each boss moves much faster than normal, making the boss fights more difficult as a result.

At first, players are limited to which bosses they can fight, but by defeating a boss, they can advance to the next boss. Defeating a boss also rewards players with one or two pieces of Wonder Wool.


The bosses mentioned below are fought in the same order as they're encountered in the main game.

  1. Big Montgomery, Round 1: 1 Bronze Wonder Wool
  2. Burt the Bashful: 1 Bronze Wonder Wool
  3. Knot-Wing the Koopa, Round 1: 1 Bronze Wonder Wool
  4. Bunson the Hot Dog: 2 Bronze Wonder Wools
  5. Big Montgomery, Round 2: 1 Silver Wonder Wool
  6. Miss Cluck the Insincere: 1 Silver Wonder Wool
  7. Knot-Wing the Koopa, Round 2: 1 Silver Wonder Wool
  8. Naval Piranha: 2 Silver Wonder Wools
  9. Big Montgomery, Round 3: 1 Gold Wonder Wool
  10. Snifberg the Unfeeling: 1 Gold Wonder Wool
  11. Knot-Wing the Koopa, Round 3: 1 Gold Wonder Wool
  12. Baby Bowser + Mega Baby Bowser: 2 Gold Wonder Wools


  • Bronze Yoshi: Collect 5 Bronze Wonder Wool.
  • Silver Yoshi: Collect 5 Silver Wonder Wool.
  • Gold Yoshi: Collect 5 Gold Wonder Wool.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Boss-Pavillon
Boss Pavilion
Italian Tendone dei boss
Tent of the Bosses
Spanish (NOA) Pabellón de los jefes
Pavilion of the Bosses