King Kruizer IV (level)

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King Kruizer IV
King Kruiser IV2.png
Level code 5-2
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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King Kruizer IV is the last main level of the world High-High Island in the game DK: Jungle Climber.

This level takes place in the King Kruizer IV, and features many saws, gear pegs and a crane. The boss here is Mega AMP. This level is rife with Kremlings and mines.


The level opens on the industrial interior of King K. Rool's airship. There is a section with saws, where DK must grab switches to get through the saws at the right timing. Then, there is a section where a Kritter sends mines at DK by rotating a crank, so DK must dodge them by grabbing onto pegs. Then there are several gear pegs with rotating pegs and then DK must get to the exit at the top right of the screen. There is a Kritter throwing bombs at DK in the next section, and DK must throw the bombs back at the other Kritters to reveal Peg Boards he can grab onto to head to the last section. The level has a crane similar to Panic Factory at the end, but this is more complicated, with spikes, mines and the crane moves around in a maze-like fashion.


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