Flagman D.D

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The game.
The title screen.

Flagman D.D (also parsed as Flagman D-D[1]) is an unlockable minigame in Wario Land II. It can be unlocked by collecting every piece of treasure and winning every map piece. It is based on the 1980 Game & Watch game Flagman. The named game later became playable in its original form in Game & Watch Gallery 3. Hence the minigame's name, Mr. Game & Watch has been replaced by a D.D., and the graphics are remade in general.


Like in the original game, the player has to remember numbers, which need to be repeated in the correct order within a time limit. One point is earned by correctly repeating the whole number sequence. The number sequence increases by one number with every earned point. After three misses, the game is over. The high score can be saved.

Besides graphical changes, two additional numbers (Five and Six) also appear, and are triggered by using the A Button and B Button buttons.


  • Many graphics for the minigame are recycled from the 1994 game Game Boy Gallery. This game was only released in Europe and Australia and features a remake of Flagman.
  • The background music of Flagman D.D's title screen was reused in Wario Land 3. It can be heard when the "Perfect!" screen shows up after the ending sequence, provided that Wario could collect all treasures.


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