Sun Sun Beach

Sun Sun Beach
Sun Sun Beach.png
Level code 1-2
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Sun Sun Beach is the second level of Sun Sun Island in DK: Jungle Climber. This is also the first main level of the game. It is a basic level and an extension of Cranky's Teachins, as Cranky Kong appears in each section of Sun Sun Beach to teach a few more game basics to Donkey Kong.


Donkey Kong starts under a set of Peg Boards, which the letter K is hovering above. By continuing right, Donkey Kong can optionally talk to Cranky Kong, who explains Banana Coins to him. Donkey Kong must climb up another set of Peg Boards and then jump to the right, on a ledge with an arrow sign. Donkey Kong must go right into the second section.

In the second section, Donkey Kong can talk to Cranky again, who explains about the Up and Down buttons on the Directional Pad. Donkey Kong can optionally continue to the right to fall down a gap with a Barrel Cannon and the second Banana Coin to the right of it. Donkey Kong must continue on another series of Peg Boards, and the letter O is above the first few Peg Boards. Donkey Kong must go onto a ledge (another ledge with the Bonus Barrel is above it) and continue right while collecting a few bananas along the way. Donkey Kong must then climb up a few individual pegs to reach a wooden platform leading straight to the third section.

At the start of the third section, Donkey Kong can talk to Cranky, who explains to him about oil barrels. Donkey Kong must then continue climbing a set of Peg Boards, and then across some pegs that connect to another set of Peg Boards. After this, Donkey Kong can jump on a barrel (which contains a 5-count Banana Bunch) and jump above two pegs to collect an oil barrel.

In the fourth and final section, Donkey Kong can optionally talk to Cranky Kong again to be taught about DK Coins. Donkey Kong must climb across some Peg Boards and then up some individual pegs. A barrel is hovering within a gap in the rocky wall to the right, and can be broken for the fourth Banana Coin. To the upper-left is a narrow, wooden platform with a 5-count Banana Bunch to the very left. Donkey Kong can jump up to three individual pegs to collect the fifth and final Banana Coin above it. Donkey Kong must climb up some more Peg Boards which lead to the upper-right, Another barrel is floating above the whole set of Peg Boards, and Donkey Kong can blast through the barrel to collect the DK Coin above. He must jump onto the grass-covered rocky surface to the right and walk straight ahead into the Goal Gate to complete the level.

Key itemsEdit

Item Location(s)
KONG Panels
  • K: At the top of the first set of pegs
  • O: Pegs after Barrel Cannon
  • N: Hovering over individual pegs in the third section
  • G: Found by the first set of pegs in the fourth area; a 1 Up is also near it
DK Coin
Inside the last wooden barrel
Oil barrel
Found by destroying a wooden barrel
Banana Coins
  1. On a Peg Board above a ledge at the end of the first section
  2. To the right of the Barrel Cannon
  3. Located above the Letter O
  4. Inside wooden barrel found after the letter G
  5. Found shortly before the last set of pegs

Bonus GameEdit

In the second section, Donkey Kong must climb up the Peg Boards and then up the individual pegs. From there, he must do a charge attack to go on a ledge with the Bonus Barrel, where he can play the Banana Bonanza mini-game.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さんさんビーチ
Sansan Bīchi
Sun Sun Beach

Spanish Playa Sol Radiante
Radiant Sun Beach