Rice Beach

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Rice Beach
Rice Beach from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)
Level(s) 6
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Rice Beach is the starting point of Wario's adventure to steal the rumored Princess Toadstool statue in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The area is a small beach on the west side of Kitchen Island that has a couple caves past the water. Rice Beach contains six levels and one secret treasure. The main beach has typical pirate fare: skull-and-crossbones-covered boxes and barrels probably owned by the Brown Sugar Pirates litter the sand. The beach is home to various creatures, such as Wanderin' Gooms, Pirate Gooms, Munchers, Guragura, Togemaru, Droppers, Yadorā, and Gaugau. Up past the sandy beach lie the caves. Lava, spikes, and long, twisty caverns are obstacles that Wario must pass to proceed, and the caves also house Pirate Gooms, Pouncers, Demon Bats, and Penkoons. The Spiked Koopa, Rice Beach's boss, also lives in the caves. Wario must defeat the dangerous turtle to move on to the next world, Mt. Teapot.

Course No.01 and Course No.03 experience a high tide once the world is complete. The two levels become partially submerged, although they will retain the same level design. This high tide allows new areas to be reached.


Level Image Description
Course No.01 Rice Beach, Course 1. The first course of the world and of the game. Many barrels that serve as platforms are scattered throughout the level.
Course No.02 Rice Beach, Course 2. Also shows Togemaru. A course with many appearing and disappearing platforms.
Course No.03 Rice Beach, Course 3. Many quicksand pits are found in this course, which are replaced with floods after the tide rises. A secret exit to Course No.06 is also found here.
Course No.04 Rice Beach, Course 4. A course where a Pouncer chases Wario.
Course No.05 Rice Beach, Course 5. The boss level of Rice Beach. The Spiked Koopa is fought at the end of the level.
Course No.06 Rice Beach, Course 6. A secret "bonus" course accessed by finding the secret exit in Course No.03. There are no harmful enemies, and it features an abundance of coins.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライスビーチ[1]
Raisu Bīchi
Rice Beach

Italian Spiaggia Risaiola[2]
Rice-y Beach
Slovenian Riževa obala[3]
Rice beach


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