Piece at Last

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Piece at Last
Piece at Last from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi being pixelated behind a Strong Sneaker
Location Old Clockworks
Mission # 5
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Piece at Last, or C-5, is the penultimate mission before the boss fight in the Old Clockworks from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This is a mission where Luigi escorts a yellow Toad assistant and fights a Strong Sneaker. The title is a pun on the phrase, "peace at last".


Luigi gets pixelated to the Service Elevator, which is unlike most of the missions in Old Clockworks. Luigi should then go to the Gear Chamber, where he should step on an elevator to go down. Luigi should then inspect the crack on the right, which reveals Greenies and a Strong Sneaker messing with the rotor. A Greenie notices Luigi and covers the crack with the brick. Professor E. Gadd then gives the next objective for Luigi; Luigi has to go into the Synchronization Room to meet the Toad. To go there, Luigi has to travel downstairs and back into the lower area of the Service Elevator. This leads him to the Maintenance Hub.

Piece at Last from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi sucking up the Spirit Balls after he reveals the hidden north door in the Maintenance Hub.

In the Maintenance Hub, Luigi has to activate the Strobulb to move a dangling cord on the ceiling. Luigi should then hang on the cord that takes him across the room. Luigi should then use the Dark-Light Device on the hidden door north of the room and suck up the Spirit Balls. The door leads Luigi to the Crank Room. In the Crank Room, Luigi should make his way to the bottom. He should then use the Dark-Light Device on a hidden crank. It operates the other cranks when it is revealed, allowing Luigi to proceed through the room. After Luigi uses the gears to transport him up the room where he has to walk into a gap within a rotating gear, then Luigi fights two Slammers. After he defeats the Slammers, Luigi can obtain the key needed get to the Synchro Gantry, and he should make his way down the gears and back into the Maintenance Hub.

When Luigi arrives at the Synchro Gantry, Luigi has to pull down a spider web to make the conveyor belt run. Then, he should activate the cuckoo clock. The wooden bird takes him to the left area of the Synchro Gantry, where Luigi must suck up the spider web to access the Synchronization Room. Luigi first should use the Dark-Light Device on a hidden rotor so he can move the gears necessary to access a Toad portrait. Next, Luigi should use the Dark-Light Device on the portrait, making a yellow Toad fly out of the painting. Greenies with paranormal shields appear as soon as Luigi tries to get out of the room. Luigi can go back after he defeats the two Greenies. Since the Toad has a fear of clocks, Luigi cannot use the cuckoo clock to escort him to the right part of the Synchro Gantry; Luigi should hold the Toad into a switch that opens up due to the combined weight. Then Luigi can shoot the Toad into the conveyor belt. Luigi should then use the cuckoo clock to transport back to the right area of the Synchro Gantry.

The mini-boss fight involving the Strong Sneaker and swarms of Greenies.

In that area of the room, Luigi finds a Greenie harassing the Toad on the conveyor belt. Another Greenie appears when Luigi tries to suck up the Greenie harassing the Toad. The door to the Maintenance Hub is available when the Greenies are defeated. In the Maintenance Hub, Luigi should carry the Toad and shoot him to the right area of the Maintenance Hub. As soon as Luigi tries to go to the cord necessary to travel where the Toad is, three Greenies carrying weapons stop him. Defeating them allows Luigi to reunite with the Toad. After Luigi travels back up the Service Elevator stairs and into the Gear Chamber, the Strong Sneaker stops him.

A mini-boss fight ensues. The first phase has three Greenies trying to attack Luigi. The next phase has three Greenies carrying shovels to protect themselves from the Strobulb. Then, there are three Greenies that have Paranormal Shields. Finally, three mummies come out of the ground. During the latter part of the phase with the three mummies in it, the Strong Sneaker attacks, which can then be sucked up.

A puzzle before the Storage Room.

After the mini-boss fight, Luigi should travel up the Gear Chamber and then shoot the Toad in the platform to make it drop. He can now access the Storage Room, where the rotor is located. Luigi should pull up the posters blocking an area where the Toad can access if Luigi shoots the Toad in the area. This contains the rotor. The Toad grabs the rotor and hands it to Luigi. Then, Luigi should make his way back to the Service Elevator where he can pixelate the Toad assistant back to the Bunker.


Mission Goals:
A ghost has made off with the rotor, the last piece needed to open the Clock Tower Gate. Follow him and take it back!

The rotor was taken into the Storage Room, which is locked. Look for E. Gadd's Toad assistant, and see if he can help.

  • Chase the ghost and get the rotor.
  • Meet the Toad in the Synchronization Room.
  • Lead the Toad to the Service Elevator.

Boo location[edit]

  • In a toolbox on a hidden passageway to the far left of the Crank Room


There's one last clock part we need to find before we can fix the Clock Tower Gate, and I think I know where it is!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最後のパーツをさがせ!
Saigo no pātsu o sagase!
Search for the last part!

Chinese 寻找最后的零件! (Simplified)
Xúnzhǎo zuìhòu de língjiàn!
找出最後的零件! (Traditional)
Zhǎo chū zuìhòu de língjiàn!

Find the last component!

Dutch Waar is het wiel?
Where is the Wheel?
French La dernière pièce
The Final Piece
German Das Stück zum Glück
The Piece to Fortune
Italian L'ultimo pezzo
The Final Piece
Portuguese (NOE) O Fragmento Final
The Final Fragment
Russian Последняя деталь
Poslednyaya detal'
The Last Detail

Spanish La última pieza
The Final Piece