A quartet of Chickadactyls

Chickadactyls (also called Chickendactyls[1]) are feathered pterosaurs which resemble a cross between chickens and lizards. Chickadactyls are prominently featured in the Super Mario World episode "King Scoopa Koopa".

In "King Scoopa Koopa", King Koopa utilizes several Chickadactyls to supply the eggs for his fast-food concession stand, "Scoopa Koopa". These eggs are used in his Special Scoopa Sauce, which can mutate other creatures into Chickadactyls, giving the recipient of this ingredient bird-like qualities and reduced intelligence. In the episode, Koopa plots to use these new Chickadactyls for a fried Chickadactyl stand once the transformation is complete in an attempt to make more money, but Mario discovers the Egg Scoopa Koopa scheme and shuts his operations down. After Koopa is defeated, Princess Toadstool drops Koopa's Chickadactyls into a nearby Warp Pipe, which leads to an unspecified location.

Chickadactyls are briefly mentioned by Koopa in a later Super Mario World episode entitled "Rock TV". After having brainwashed the populace of Dome City, one of Koopa's first commands to his new servants is for them to "Cluck like a Chickadactyl!" The Cave People proceed to do so.


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