C. Everett Koopa

Doctor C. Everett Koopa is a Koopa in Dinosaur Dilemma. His name is a pun on "C. Everett Koop," the Surgeon General of the United States from 1982 to 1989. He was invited to Bowser's summer home in the Valley of Bowser, along with the other members of the Snowbell Prize Committee, after Bowser was chosen to receive the Snowbell Prize. He is first seen as Mario and Yoshi make their way into the fortress, and he is introduced by his chauffeur as he exits his vehicle to greet Bowser. The narration describes him as being large in stature and having a beard. Later, as Mario and Yoshi are fighting Bowser and the Slimosaurs, the committee hears the noise and goes to see what is happening, C. Everett included. The committee members enter the room just as the Slimosaurs explode, covering them in goo. Disgusted, everyone quickly leaves, with C. Everett complaining that this is hazardous for his health (a reference to his namesake's profession).