A Timely Entrance

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A Timely Entrance
A Timely Entrance from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi besides the giant clock that serves as the entrance of the tower
Location Old Clockworks
Mission # 1
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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A Timely Entrance, or C-1, is the first mission in the Old Clockworks from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This mission is mainly about finding the special compass that the ghosts stole to gain the clock hands required to access the tower where the next Dark Moon piece is.


Luigi and E. Gadd discovering the Old Clockworks' missing clock hands.
Luigi and Professor E. Gadd discovering the missing clock hands.

Luigi gets pixelated to the Clockworks Court as he is dazed after falling onto the dusty sand, forming a dust cloud which causes him to sneeze, it's a sign that Luigi will be sneezing while standing still. After getting up he spots the gate he has to pass and the very top of the mansion where he needs to go according to E.Gadd. To go through the gate, Luigi has to shine the Strobulb to open it. Once past the gate, he encounters a clock door. The time on the clock has to match the time on a nearby clock: 3:30. Luigi should use the crank to operate the hands to the correct position, which opens the door, where he can access the Warehouse. He finds a Greenie in the Warehouse; the Greenie immediately escapes and the room brightens up. Then, Luigi has to use the mechanism to unravel the ribbon. This allows for another ribbon to unravel. To acquire a ribbon that holds the key to the Workshop, Luigi has to use a Strobulb on a safe. The safe contains a golden ribbon. Unraveling this ribbon reveals the key.

A Timely Entrance from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi uses the ceiling fan to push the walls back to reveal a secret area. This secret area houses the special compass.

In the Workshop, Luigi gets frightened by two Greenies working on a large Robomb. Luigi should then use the Strobulb on the Robomb, which causes it to activate, thus stunning the two Greenies in which Luigi can suck in. The Clock Tower Gate is past this room; this is the location where Luigi is required to go through to obtain the Dark Moon piece. The clock hands are missing, however, obstructing Luigi from going through the gate. He is then stopped by Greenies making sand whirls. Defeating them grants Luigi the key to the next room, the Cargo Room. In this room, Luigi must pull down cloth at the north end of the room: this reveals a Robomb, whose explosion can fill the place with sand, thus granting Luigi access to the upper levels of the room. On the upper level, Luigi has to pull down a knob to make the stairs drop. When Luigi reaches the top of the stairs, however, a Greenie stops him, and a Greenie and a Slammer tunneling in the sand appears. Luigi can proceed only after defeating these ghosts.

Luigi should climb up the stairs and reach the second level of the Clock Tower gate. He finds the bridge missing: Luigi should use the Dark-Light Device and suck up Spirit Balls to reveal the bridge that will let Luigi go to the Drafting Office. A Greenie appears when Luigi disturbs the stack of papers in this room. Luigi should defeat it, then operate the ceiling fan to open the walls up. When Luigi tries to access the hidden area, however, a Sneaker appears and scares him. Two other Sneakers accompany this Sneaker. After Luigi defeats the Sneakers, Luigi can then use the ceiling fan again to access the drawer in the hidden room, where the special compass is found. The mission ends as soon as the special compass is obtained.


Mission Goals:
The Parascope has located a Dark Moon piece at the top of the Clock Tower. Use the elevator behind the Clock Tower Gate to get there.

The Clock Tower Gate is missing some parts! The ghosts that took the parts have been located, but you'll need a special compass to reach them. Search the Drafting Room for it!

  • Get to the Clock Tower Gate.
  • Retrieve the special compass.

Boo location[edit]

  • In one of the ribbons in the Warehouse.


Good news, Luigi. I've located the next Dark Moon piece. It's at the top of the Clock Tower. All you've gotta do is mosey on up there and grab it! What could go wrong?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 時計塔にのぼるんじゃ!
Tokei-tō ni noboru n ja!
Go up the Clock Tower!

Chinese (simplified) 登上钟塔!
Dēng shàng zhōng tǎ!
Go up the Clock Tower!

Chinese (traditional) 登上時鐘塔!
Dēng shàng shízhōng tǎ!
Go up the Clock Tower!

Dutch Een stipte start
A Punctual Start
French L'heure de vérité
The Hour of Truth
German Zeit zum Einsatz
Time to Work
Italian Giusto in tempo
Just In Time
Portuguese (NOE) Entrada a Tempo
Timely Entry
Russian Приемные часы
Priyemnyye chasy
Opening Hours

Spanish Justo a tiempo
Just In Time