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Bowser breathing fire!

Favorite Articles

All twenty playable characters in the "true" "Thanks for Playing" screen in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

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Favorite Mario Soundtracks

One of my favorite soundtracks: Super Mario Galaxy 2: Original Soundtrack.

Personal Images

Here, I have four personal images from various sites. Enjoy them!

Image Caption Original Source
Cap3942.jpg A G Clef on the Cure Module? That means it's time to transform! Suite Pretty Cure♪
Cap4080.jpg A pink ribbon for Cure Melody's boot Suite Pretty Cure♪
The Team Unites Title Screen.jpg The title card for the first episode, "The Team Unites". Power Rangers Samurai
Yigal Ravid, Daphna Dekel, and Sigal Shahamon.jpg Daphna Dekel, Sigal Shahamon, and Yigal Ravid Eurovision Song Contest 1999

Big News!

Mamma mia, this is very big news! Next Saturday, the voice of Mario and his friends is celebrating his birthday! Charles Martinet is having another great year and he'll have more fun when Super Mario 3D Land comes out in November.

Sad News

Now for some sad news. Ten years ago, the World Trade Center was attacked by two planes in the Big Apple and 3,000 people lost their lives. I know this is sad news for these people but, we here at the Super Mario Wiki are commemorating this day. Now, if you want to pay tribute to these people, come to my talk page and tell me why. Again, this is very sad news!

A Super win for Super Mario Galaxy 2

The overall game of the year as chosen by the fans. Enjoy!

Super news! One of the games got the overall game of the year at this year's Mario Awards. Are you ready? Then listen to this. The overall game of the year is... Super Mario Galaxy 2! That's right, the game got so many votes, it flew to victory and in addition to the overall game of the year, it also won the Best Platforming category. But that's not all, the game's soundtrack won the Original Soundtrack award, The Grandmaster Galaxy got the best Galaxy award, and Gravity got the Concept award. Overall, it was a super win for Super Mario Galaxy 2.